Art by Lucid Dream Photography I’m carrying the burden of your sanityHoping you won’t take it the wrong wayComing in last is better than firstThey say that every loser has their day The beast rests deep inside the forestThe darkest places summon up no fearRays of hope they cannot penetrateA canopy of words no one [...]


'The Dove Has Flown' by Gregory Anthony Stone I don’t want to see the big pictureI’d rather be left aloneI’m not the centre of your universeIt’s a pity the dove of peace has flown Some say there are too many patriotsSome say freedom fighters are too fewSome say that it’s a bad omenTo hail a [...]


This spoof mag cover from about ten years ago was found in a pile of old stuff. I’d almost forgotten it, and my long hair and glasses back then when making music was just that - making music. AN EMPTY HALL I never saw the crossroads on last year’s mapShould I take the left turn [...]


'The Long Climb' The worst scars we have live inside our headWorst scars don’t run and hide, they follow us to bedA scar can be a memory of something you didn’t need to sayA scar can be mistaken words you should have chucked away 'An Enlarged Pic From The Harbour - In The Distance There [...]


I sent you a letterYou wanted a songThe words didn’t add upYou knew all along You looked back over your shoulderLooked back at the seaWas that for effectOr a last memory? All smiles for the romancersBlack looks for goodIgnoring the needyThe misunderstood You were wearing a blindfoldPut a jigsaw togetherKind of a miracleThough you just [...]