Originally from my song, 'Liquid Truth' - written in 2012, me a first year music student back then - these words below open Zoolon's new book called, 'LOOKING FOR REASONS'. They just about sum me up. ‘When will all the pieces come together,And if I don’t like the picture am I stuck with it forever?’ [...]


Artwork via Kimberly Gillian 'Just Heart to Heart', a second commission per my  POETRY TO SONG  product, from the talented lady of many skills, working across any number of genres, who goes by the name Geetha Prod’hom. Sometimes, when working on a new song, the words get to speak aloud, telling me they want to [...]


'In The Days Before Tomorrow' I got a marketing brochure selling vitamins and an easier menopause in the post. I've no idea how they got my name and address. The thing was that on the front cover it said 'START THE NEW YEAR ON THE RIGHT FOOT'. It wasn't a lot of use to me, [...]


‘Calorific Tardis’ BAD ADVICE 'to be adapted into a lyric' You’ve got the motor; you’ve got the SatNav and a tank full But you’re still stuck on the inside looking out Blind faith, too blind and blinkered to realize The kick you get living with all that doubt There’s a doorway to Hell or is [...]