In this land where the sky knows mostly only how to rain, I wondered if and when I would see the sun again, On this planet that mostly knows only how to fight, The clock is ticking down to toward dark midnight.   Bombs and poor excuses feed the hawk, In return the broken innocents [...]


Just in case anyone thinks I’m unusually tall, the picture is of a very small door to a bedroom somewhere in France. A random event that’s true but not that important. Driving past a field yesterday I pointed out that in the field was a strange looking horse. I was told that it was a [...]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQH2irD51fo Not too many words today, just a short (2:21) piece of classical music (with a movie trailer in mind) I composed and produced. Hope you like it. For musicians out there wanting affordable, royalty free, top quality samples, my Zoolon Audio website is at http://www.zoolonaudio.com/ We also have a shop window at https://sellfy.com/zoolonaudio You [...]