Tag: The Pigeons Are Swtzerland


‘Sink or Swim?’ by Zoolon DEAD MAN’S TEETH You’ve got the jump on life for once You’ve got a head start just this time Victory can taste sweet If the victory’s not mine You were a rabbit in the headlights A lost soul out at sea Staring at the abyss Afraid of mystery There’s a

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‘Tuesday, 11AM: No Sign of Life’ Unless you’re composing to a specific theme, deciding on a title for an instrumental piece isn’t always easy. The title has to reflect the music. I suppose it’s a bit like naming a kid after its been born. When there’s lyrics there is always a way to find a

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‘To the dark side of this mirror’ by Zoolon The bus broke down halfway up the mountainside. The driver got the bonnet open. Steam came out. Even though he had a box of spanners he told us there was nothing he could do. He didn’t know when help would come because his mobile couldn’t get

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