'Bono's Worse Nightmare' I’ve been watching the new take on Dracula on the TV. I’m two episodes in. It’s not brilliant but I score it OK. The thing is the writers have missed a trick. To be certain to save yourself from Dracula you have to remember to carry a crucifix around with you at [...]


'In The Days Before Tomorrow' I got a marketing brochure selling vitamins and an easier menopause in the post. I've no idea how they got my name and address. The thing was that on the front cover it said 'START THE NEW YEAR ON THE RIGHT FOOT'. It wasn't a lot of use to me, [...]


(a statue I spotted along West Cliff, Ramsgate – for reasons unknown, it seems to fit my song posted below) As I understand it the 38th parallel is the dividing line between North and South Korea. I think it was about 4 years ago when the North were talking about how close they were to [...]