'Pieces of Life' by TheodorWorker 'Liquid Truth' All my bridges burntNo sparkle in the starsNo redness in the sunsetJust the sad song of guitars You have a version of the truth I can’t believeYou’re all wrapped up in lies, I’ve got to leaveYou tell liquid truth from behind those eyesBut you hide it well behind [...]


Art by Lucid Dream Photography I’m carrying the burden of your sanityHoping you won’t take it the wrong wayComing in last is better than firstThey say that every loser has their day The beast rests deep inside the forestThe darkest places summon up no fearRays of hope they cannot penetrateA canopy of words no one [...]


Surreal Art by HolgaJen HUNTING ALONE It’s only the endIt’s where you descendWhen you can’t be bothered to speakIt’s a lazy old streetAnd the people you meetAre either just boring or freak 'What made you this way?'That’s all they can sayBut you don't want to hear anymoreYou’re out on your ownTimed out and aloneAnd you’re [...]


A FREE-VIEW SKY ‘I think I’ve played this game before’Said the dreamer to the realist‘I get to close my eyes and count to 10Before you shoot this guitarist?’ ‘There is no time for your pointless make believeAll I want from you are factsMy world knows only black and whiteAnd fantasy distractsImagination counts for nothingThe same [...]


Here’s an experimental track I made using samples (if it helps, made in Bitwig).  I called it ‘On the Edge’ because that’s how I remember I felt the day I composed it.  I was under attack from an overload of thoughts. The sort of thing we all suffer from time to time. Those times when [...]