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Vagrant’s Shadow, Lost Back in May when creativity had taken a break, and wanting something to spark my mind, I thought I’d try and capture instant, pure unprovoked thoughts and write them down. See how they turned out. Anyway, I already capture sound using a stereo-recorder when composing Sound Art – things like that of

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A Magpie’s Loss I never got to see the event, I just got told about it. There’s a single storey extension at the back of the house. It has a flat roof. On the flat roof there’s a bird bath kept full of water so that any number of bird species can drop by, have

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I wrote this song, ‘Just a Shadow on a Wall’ in 2012 and recorded this demo version early in 2013. It lives its time out on my old Soundcloud page from uni days. Whatever, I think this song is a good example of how a lyric differs from a poem; of how in some ways,

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