'Un jour, je reviendrai' Living proof a lyricist can get away with murder. Here's some new words I've been playing around with. Give me an illusion, a multi-coloured fusion Give me back that sense of deja vu Give me toast and honey, car keys and loads of money And a guarantee that when I find [...]


Lockdown but not totally locked in. I thought outside might be good for creativity. A decent hot day and a garden to check out even if it meant a dose of hay fever – and it did. Five shots of the garden accompanied with five songs, one song for each pic.  I hope you enjoy. [...]


Artist 'Iced-Blackberry' 2012 There's an annoying Christmas ad on TV that has a melody I don't particularly like yet it's one of those songs that get inside your head. Christmas songs on ads are often like it. I call them creativity destroyers. I checked out the one that was killing my creativity. It's a song [...]


'China Album Cover' On the one hand it's been a good week as I've just got my music into China. Hopefully the bespoke for 'China only' album 'All Winter Long' will be heard there via all the major streaming platforms. That's the plan anyway. On the other hand, I've got the flu and and can't [...]