‘For Free’ by Zoolon The brainwasher wearing the grey suit that sparkled said he drove an Audi Quattro. He asked what I drove. I lied and said a skateboard. He asked why I didn’t wear, “A smart suit like mine”. I couldn’t be bothered to answer.  Also, he looked like someone who might end up [...]


Source: Chicago Tribune ‘Barbed wire used properly can be a beautiful sight’, so said the man who ought to know better. Really?  It might be when used as an art-form but not in the context you used it, mate. Whatever, those cruel words got me thinking; got me composing a new piece for the new [...]


‘Discernible Connection’ by Zoolon A couple of weeks back I mentioned that I’d post my tribute to Francesca Woodman, the amazingly talented photographic artist whose work didn’t make it big until after she had committed suicide, in New York, in January 1981, aged just 22. The tribute is in two parts. The first a song [...]


This ‘something’ was written in March 2016 following an 18-month drought of creativity, triggered by having discovered the crap reality that having a decent degree doesn’t mean you just walk into a half decent job (or any job). I only stumbled on these words the other day tucked inside an old guitar case I keep [...]


Today, was the day a statue grew out of my head, and all the while the police were waiting, patiently waiting in the background, to arrest the mutant that was me. WHAT NEXT? I was lost somewhere in life’s whirlpool, Drowning in a sea of sweet dreams, Somehow rescued, I looked all around me, Saw [...]