I know these times aren't for joking, and I mean no harm, but check out the place of origin of my American Fender Telecaster above. I've tried playing with gloves on but it's not the same. Anyway, here's my dig at politicians worldwide. I might get a song out of it one day. It's called [...]


'Empty Days' Friday 13th was never going to be a good day. I guess that's life. Dark days ahead Now we’re being led By the fat cat living dead So we live in fear instead For the future just read dread It's messed up inside my head How easy they misled The gullible overfed With [...]


'It Wasn't Me'  Politicians get on my nerves. Their promises rain down like confetti at a wedding but mostly never happen. Some are great liars, others just feed on the lies. PEOPLE Harry lives in a cardboard box behind the Eiffel Tower Alice sits in doorways hoping for hard currency in exchange for a wilting [...]


‘Never Forgotten’ Mucking around with semi-protest song words on the guitar I suddenly realized I was playing to my 'Rainbows End' melody. Basically, I’d plagiarized myself. I’ve never done that before. Back to the drawing board. ENGLAND, OH ENGLAND At my door they try selling me their religion Online they want my money to sell me fame [...]


‘Neat Feet’ by Zoolon 100% true. That daft mate of mine I’ve been writing about lately has surpassed himself yet again. He was looking a bit down so I say, “What’s up?” He says, “It’s my star sign.” I say, “What about it?” He says, “It’s total rubbish.” I say, “What sign of the Zodiac [...]


‘Don’t Shoot’ by Zoolon As per usual I wanted to open up this post with something arguably funny. A story of real life type funny. It’s just that, for me, funny has to be put on the back-burner in these days of depressive politics and cruelty home and away. The crumbling state of humans/humanity has [...]