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‘The End of The Beginning’ by Zoolon In a few hours’ time my acoustic and me are off to the middle of nowhere for 10 days. No internet access unless I can manage to take my mobile into a town or city. How surreal is that? No social media. Also, it maybe the last time

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‘The Allegory of The Night’ by Zoolon A new lyric about an important subject. It’s themed on the homeless crisis in the UK that’s getting worse every day. The song is near the recording stage, but for now here’s just the raw words – not a poem, I stress – I’m still playing around with.

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Cover Art by Zoolon Zoolon’s brand new five track EP was released earlier today. For this collection of mixed genre songs, I have brought together three lyrical pieces, an instrumental as well as a piece of pure sound art, the latter being the title track, ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’. There’s a long story behind that

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