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‘Hot Chocolate Central’ – Café Culture, Nivelles, Belgium For reasons I can’t explain I was wondering if mushrooms would grow on Mars. I never did work it out. Probably they don’t, but thinking about Mars I remembered this song I wrote. It’s one of my earlier ones. I last put it on the blog when I

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‘Six Wives of Henry’ All I asked for was a plain omelette. I was in France at the time so what I said must have got lost in translation. What I got served up was a mushroom omelette. I hated mushrooms. Always had.  However, one bite later I discovered I loved mushrooms. That was about

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  ‘One Day Soon’ by Zoolon For once, body pong levels and smelly breath weren’t too bad in the queue at the post office yesterday even though it was a hot day. Maybe my own breath wasn’t too good as I’ve been adding a lot of garlic to my mushroom cooking. Worrying, as I’m addicted

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