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‘Hot Day in Berck’ I’ve written a few protest songs before.  Generally mine are not angry songs. It’s not how I’m made. However, this one I’m playing around with is singing well enough, but singing angry. Maybe that’s the way it should be sometimes? ONE LESS INNOCENT Guns and souvenirs No wasted bullets, just wasted

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(‘Gulp’ by Zoolon)  SUMMER DIED ON A SATURDAY You gave safe passage to your demons When the darkness came to call Waved ‘goodbye cruel world’ and whispered “Why stumble when I can fall? I’ll be the ghost who comes to haunt you The one who’ll own your every waking hour And when you’re trying to

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‘Winter Morning, 2018’ ~ Zoolon It’s funny what happens when you start playing around with an acoustic guitar with just a phrase in your head. This time it was, ‘Darkness at Dawn’. Sometimes it works, most times not. This time, I think I might have a skeleton lyric. Right now I need new lyrics as

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