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Last week ‘Sydney the Shetland’ from up the road, this week; ‘The No Name Donkey’ from the same place THE CHESS PLAYER Before he arrived at the café in the High Street where the lorry drivers have breakfast he was an undertaker in a faraway land where nobody had a name. Without names there wasn’t

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‘Black Knight, Dark Day’ GET LOST A strange voice talking at me Says they know all there is to know Forgetting I’m not an android Me? I’m just a one man show   You can walk me to the cliff edge I might surprise you and take the leap One thing is for certain I’ll

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‘Ignoring the Mermaid’ by Zoolon  ‘And a song I was writing is left undone I don’t know why I spend my time Writing songs I can’t believe With words that tear and strain to rhyme’ Paul Simon  I know the feeling, plus The Arsenal missed a penalty in the last minute that would have stuffed

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Every so often on social media we bump into a special talent. In the case of Fifi Rong a very special talent who hasn’t gone the generic route. I’d like to thank her for agreeing to let me run this feature on my blog. This short extract from her bio paints a picture of where

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I got told there’s a sign in a Beijing hotel lobby that reads, ‘GOOD APPEARANCE PLEASE NO WATERMELON PLEASE’ What’s all that about? Brilliant. Somehow I’d like to see more random signs like this one. It’s like an untapped art genre. Anyway some music for a Sunday. An ambient instrumental I composed a while back

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‘And?’ I think I’m brain dead. At least that’s what it feels like. I’m getting used to it now. It always happens when I get too busy. I guess it happens to most people when Creativity says, “Stuff this, I’m off – it’s too much like hard work.” So, I’ve gone back to my old

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‘Hythe on a Friday in Feb’ BLUE ANGELS Instagram, your plucking at the feathers of blue angels They all claim a Photoshopped body beautiful She says, he says, “Look at me, see my great life, my ego flies It never ever, never ever, ever falls”   Deluded fantasy in a free gallery of wannabes And

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2.51PM Saturday, 9th February 2019. Ten minutes to go before a 3.00PM kick-off. Arsenal at home against Huddersfield. The game’s not on Sky so I’m rushing along the hallway to get to the PC to find a quality stream when there on the carpet my random mind tells me is a new-born rainbow. I’m not good

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‘Hot Chocolate Central’ – Café Culture, Nivelles, Belgium For reasons I can’t explain I was wondering if mushrooms would grow on Mars. I never did work it out. Probably they don’t, but thinking about Mars I remembered this song I wrote. It’s one of my earlier ones. I last put it on the blog when I

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‘Good Morning’ – Embry, Pas De Calais, France I’m a musician. I’m definitely not a photographer, but taking pics helps me unwind, plus it feeds all sorts of creativity. All today’s shots have a French connection. I hope you enjoy; ‘Goodnight’ – Domfront, Normandy, France ‘Goodbye’ – Charleville, The Ardennes, France