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Zoolon’s new bin ‘Herodotus the Bin’ Some music. A 60 second guitar improvisation rendition of “Time” by Hans Zimmer. I hope you enjoy; View this post on Instagram Short “Time” rendition from Hans Zimmer #time #hanszimmer #guitar #guitarcover #uk #kent #dover #england #europe A post shared by George Blamey-Steeden (@george.b.s_zoolon) on Jan 25, 2019 at

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‘Six Wives of Henry’ All I asked for was a plain omelette. I was in France at the time so what I said must have got lost in translation. What I got served up was a mushroom omelette. I hated mushrooms. Always had.  However, one bite later I discovered I loved mushrooms. That was about

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‘The Death of Cleopatra’ by Guido Cagnacci – 1658 The air was still. The day was cold and bleak. From the chimney stack, all along either side of the rooftop there was a static murmuration of starlings looking a bit worried. I gave up counting when I got to sixty. In town, what’s left of

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