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‘Source: Entertainment Mesh’ It’s always a privilege collaborating with Geetha Prod’hom  As I once wrote a while back she’s, “The talented lady of more artistic skills and genres than I could ever count.” If you don’t know of her already, do check out the multi-faceted WP blog of GEETHA  – there’s a whole gallery of

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Artwork via Kimberly Gillian ‘Just Heart to Heart’, a second commission per my  POETRY TO SONG  product, from the talented lady of many skills, working across any number of genres, who goes by the name Geetha Prod’hom. Sometimes, when working on a new song, the words get to speak aloud, telling me they want to

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Artwork – Mihal Criste My post today is about Geetha Prod’hom, the only female from Geneva, Switzerland, playing chess in the grandmasters’ category. On top of that, Geetha is a lady of many skills. In her own words, and taken from her ABOUT page on WP, “Born of an Indian father and a Tunisian mother,

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