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‘Dreaming Colours the Daylight Steals’ Last week: The bloke at the top of the steps up to the library told me that the world would end tomorrow. He pointed out that love and hate will have nowhere to hide anymore and that there will never be another new day. I told him that I never

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‘Never Forgotten’ Mucking around with semi-protest song words on the guitar I suddenly realized I was playing to my ‘Rainbows End’ melody. Basically, I’d plagiarized myself. I’ve never done that before. Back to the drawing board. ENGLAND, OH ENGLAND At my door they try selling me their religion Online they want my money to sell me fame

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I was lucky to get hold of these two stone pieces the other day. The pic doesn’t do them justice. They’re much bigger than they look here and weigh a ton. The best part was that they cost me next to nothing. Happy days – I like them, I just don’t know exactly why although

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‘Hidden Corner’ Like last year and the year before and the year before that, Zoolon never got an Easter Egg. Is the world of eggs trying to tell me something? I’d never noticed it before yesterday. Driving out of town into the countryside there’s a Beefeater franchise type restaurant. I’ve never been there but I

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‘Why?’  MARMALADE CLICHÉ Kicking the can Back to where it began Turning the clock back in time Photograph’s lies Memories surprise Words mostly choose not to rhyme   Harmony stays neutral Choruses truthful Verses are brutal or kind Sad chords lost in sea mist Melody dismissed Rhythm? Rhythm gets left behind   Pieces of beach

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‘The Edge of England’ For ages I’ve fancied a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. The polarized ones. It’s just that I couldn’t ever justify the expense.  Then, last Thursday I’m in Canterbury to get guitar strings and I pass a shop selling just sunglasses, including the Ray Ban range. The sun was out. Cut grass

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‘Nothing to Scratch Here’ You’ll have to bear with me on this one. It’s a bit mad. I had a ‘What if?’ moment. I was thinking that most photos I take are of things either ‘straight ahead’ of me or upwards. I never take shots at ground level – like, say a passionate artist type

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‘Good Morning’ – Embry, Pas De Calais, France I’m a musician. I’m definitely not a photographer, but taking pics helps me unwind, plus it feeds all sorts of creativity. All today’s shots have a French connection. I hope you enjoy; ‘Goodnight’ – Domfront, Normandy, France ‘Goodbye’ – Charleville, The Ardennes, France


‘Le Touquet – 2016’ PERHAPS THIS TIME NEXT YEAR You ask me questions I can’t answer I write you songs you’ll never hear Words fading into thin air Words that die and disappear   In the company of egos In the places I don’t want to be I leave when no one’s looking No goodbyes

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‘The Death of Cleopatra’ by Guido Cagnacci – 1658 The air was still. The day was cold and bleak. From the chimney stack, all along either side of the rooftop there was a static murmuration of starlings looking a bit worried. I gave up counting when I got to sixty. In town, what’s left of

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