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‘Harbourside’ sometimes I go there to fish for words & melodies Music and pics by Zoolon With new music close to being released I need to pay more attention to my YouTube Channel – you’ll find it on ‘A Life’ above. So, if any of you feel like hitting the ‘subscribe’ it would give me a major

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007 & ME

James Gull, ‘Licence to Poo’ – all over my car on a daily basis I first went to St Margaret’s Bay, just along the coast from Dover, a few years ago when I was capturing the sounds of the sea for a sound art project. I go over there every so often because it’s not a

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‘Unfeasibly Giant Hands’ I’ve been working on a couple of big – at least to me they’re big – music projects these last couple of months and now, near the end, I find I’m putting so much into it trying to get it finally finished that I can’t write the words I want anymore. I’ve

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