'The Way Back Home' Just across from me is a place called the Western Heights. It's now just a local nature reserve, but once during the Napoleonic Wars in the 1860's, its vast defences were designed to protect Dover from French invasion. It’s been said that the Western Heights of Dover were one of the [...]


‘Harbourside’ sometimes I go there to fish for words & melodies Music and pics by Zoolon With new music close to being released I need to pay more attention to my YouTube Channel - you'll find it on 'A Life' above. So, if any of you feel like hitting the ‘subscribe’ it would give me a [...]

007 & ME

James Gull, ‘Licence to Poo’ - all over my car on a daily basis I first went to St Margaret’s Bay, just along the coast from Dover, a few years ago when I was capturing the sounds of the sea for a sound art project. I go over there every so often because it’s not a [...]