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I was lucky to get hold of these two stone pieces the other day. The pic doesn’t do them justice. They’re much bigger than they look here and weigh a ton. The best part was that they cost me next to nothing. Happy days – I like them, I just don’t know exactly why although

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‘Everything there is’ I can’t stop myself thinking about plastic. Boring but true. Like having a song on a loop inside your head, plastic has got under my skin. It’s like I’ve been set up to hate the stuff. That’s a good thing. Media sometimes does that. Not always. As a result I’ve ended up

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My new album has now been released. No need for too many words today. Here’s the title track, ‘Devil’s Kiss’. This song features the unique, globally acclaimed artist,  Fifi Rong  who duets with me on this number. Hope you enjoy; Here’s a pic of vocalist, songwriter and electronic music producer, Fifi. You can check her music

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