On the horizon just a 'dot'. In an over full craft refugees risk their lives for a new homeland. I hope they made it here. A pity I couldn't get close-ups. 'Rule Britannia is out of bounds, To my mother, my dog, and clowns' - Bowie In seven months their world blew upIn seven days [...]


'The Decision by Dzaet' The doctor had to make a decision. Would it be the bloke who needed treatment for his cancer or the woman at the wrong end of COVID-19? The hospital was in overflow. Only one of the pair would get any treatment. Only the doctor could choose who. She needed to think. [...]

8TH MAY 1945

'CLEVER ARTWORK FROM HUFF POST UK' This year represents 75 years since WW2 in Europe ended, freedom was restored, fascism was defeated and both my now dead granddads got to get back home to the land they'd left behind. Without those two men I wouldn't exist. LET THEIR NAMES BE SHOUTED OUT Let the ghosts [...]


I’d just started blogging last year when I first posted a piece about The Étaples Military Cemetery in the Pas-de-Calais department of Northern France. The Cemetery stands on the former site of a vast military hospital complex used by the Allies during the First World War. Being away from the frontline trenches the military hospital [...]


Today, was the day a statue grew out of my head, and all the while the police were waiting, patiently waiting in the background, to arrest the mutant that was me. WHAT NEXT? I was lost somewhere in life’s whirlpool, Drowning in a sea of sweet dreams, Somehow rescued, I looked all around me, Saw [...]