It may seem like Toy TownWhen you’re looking down from up aboveBut in reality what you’ll find thereAre the lovers and the unloved Like anywhere else around the worldOpposites attractNorth and south and east and westThere’s no argument, it’s a fact Umbrellas for a rainy daySledges for the snowBarbeques come summertimeAutumn Bonfire Night’s multi-coloured show [...]


'The Day After' by Zoolon A LIFE - I hope you enjoy; Misty morning, starless night E minor clad in grey not white There are heroes saying nothing There are angels staying schtum While out there on the streets you'll find The fake immortals and thoughtless dumb Each statistic, their fault They take another life [...]


I don't know its name, or if its even got a name. However this work of art from Francesca Woodman's portfolio captures that feeling of being 'locked in' When I get bored – that happens quite a lot because of being locked-in with too much on my mind and nothing much I feel like doing [...]


'The Decision by Dzaet' The doctor had to make a decision. Would it be the bloke who needed treatment for his cancer or the woman at the wrong end of COVID-19? The hospital was in overflow. Only one of the pair would get any treatment. Only the doctor could choose who. She needed to think. [...]


'I'm good with corona', says Mr Wolf' Day nine, banged up. Happy most times. Daylight through a window. Vitamin D days. Running out of mushrooms. I live on mushrooms. I heard that the seagulls have gone fishing out at sea. They don't hang around McDonald's any more. No Grand Big Mac eaters to swoop down [...]


'Waiting, watching' For my ambient, dark piece, 'The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus' as of now read, 'The Forgotten Cheated Souls'. The more I hear about the greedy idiots who are stockpiling food while, for example, NHS staff don't get a look in when it comes to visiting a supermarket after a long shift is over [...]