Artwork by Brad Kunkle WEARING GOLD LEAF I played the guitarYou held the gunYou answered the questionsI answered none Some days you played coolCrowds you'd just hateYou smiled in the mirrorThanking good fortune's fate Counting your blessingsWearing gold leafFrom a roof top terraceYou fired your gun; wounded the chief Last time I saw youYou’d swapped [...]


In the beginning There’s a village not far from me called Capel-le-Ferne. Its name derives from the phrase ‘Chapel in the Ferns’. Proud locals often call it ‘The Village in the Clouds’. The rest of us call it ‘Capel-Le-Fog’ because it’s high up and every so often you can’t see a single thing there when [...]


Yesterday at the farm down the road I had a chat with Number 85. We got on OK but our conversation was a one-sided affair. Because of that I thought I’d ask the lamb a few easy questions. It went like this. “What would you call a long rigid piece of metal?” The lamb answered, [...]


Photography by Bjorn Looss -  Model is Guinevere van Seenus GINNY It wasn’t the dragonIt wasn’t MerlinIt wasn’t the jesterNor his old tambourine It wasn’t the French knightThey called LancelotNor evil Morgan le FayAnd the fall of Camelot Dark Age’s disastersRound table no moreLe Morte d'ArthurLady of the Lake came ashoreShe took care of ExcaliburKept [...]


It may seem like Toy TownWhen you’re looking down from up aboveBut in reality what you’ll find thereAre the lovers and the unloved Like anywhere else around the worldOpposites attractNorth and south and east and westThere’s no argument, it’s a fact Umbrellas for a rainy daySledges for the snowBarbeques come summertimeAutumn Bonfire Night’s multi-coloured show [...]