'Source: Entertainment Mesh' It's always a privilege collaborating with Geetha Prod’hom  As I once wrote a while back she's, "The talented lady of more artistic skills and genres than I could ever count." If you don't know of her already, do check out the multi-faceted WP blog of GEETHA  - there's a whole gallery of [...]


'Covid-19 Art by Anasyasya Eliseeva via New Frame' It’s not the sky that’s on fire It’s humanity’s destiny So stay locked in your prison cell And let what will be - what will be Don't hide behind a miracle Hide behind an old locked door Say no to celebrations Besides, you’ve seen them all before [...]


I can’t draw let alone alone paint. However, fellow blogger Ted Giffin can. Not just can, he’s actually a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University, the Herron School of Art, plus he’s a musician as well. So, I get to see a pic of me (above) on his blog. I let my mother take [...]


‘Scarecrow’ - Artist Unknown ‘Children’s Story?’ Even though writing, to me, is nearly always about composing lyrics, someone bet me that I couldn’t write a children’s story. Odd. All credit to writers. It’s not easy without a melody to hide behind. Whether this counts as one, I’m not sure. Anyway, I gave it a go. [...]