This sign ought to read, ‘Do Not Throw Anything IN the Sea’. Someone throwing things ‘AT’ the sea surely needs help? I felt I had to take a photo although not sure why. Whatever, I found myself sat in the back of a car being talked AT, at a time when I was trying … Continue reading RANDOM THOUGHTS OF ZOOLON – NO.6



I took this picture of a pointless fence on a beach. It would be no good in a big storm, wouldn’t keep invaders out or people wanting to go swimming in. I wonder why someone put it there? Possibly for the sake of art? Another thing, I remember once I was in the middle of … Continue reading RANDOM THOUGHTS OF ZOOLON – NO.5


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This experimental electronic demo track (made in Bitwig) is my look at a mind on the edge of madness.  We all go that way sometimes I think.  It gradually builds up from a revolving beat, gets a bit choral (I think madness is a bit choral) goes darker before a little panic sets in.  The photo is one I took at the bi-annual World Puppet Theatre Festival in Charleville-Mézières, France. Weird place.  I hope you enjoy this track.  Here’s the link;

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