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#AprilShowers Bring #Indie #AuthorInterviews! @ZoolonHub discusses #songwriting, #poetry, and #emotion in #music. #IndieApril #IndieMusic #NationalPoetryMonth

Originally posted on Jean Lee's World:
Now here’s a fine fellow I’m excited to share with you. Yes, he’s written a book, which is awesome, but I’M keen to share him with you because of his creativity with music. If you’ve visited my blog before, you know how important music is to my writing,…


‘Why?’  MARMALADE CLICHÉ Kicking the can Back to where it began Turning the clock back in time Photograph’s lies Memories surprise Words mostly choose not to rhyme   Harmony stays neutral Choruses truthful Verses are brutal or kind Sad chords lost in sea mist Melody dismissed Rhythm? Rhythm gets left behind   Pieces of beach

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‘The Last Still Frame at The End of Time’ by Zoolon PROPERTY OF PERU The last piece of A4 paper ever floated by on the wind. It wasn’t long before it landed in the playground that once had swings, a roundabout and a climbing frame. Since the end of time the playground had become just

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Zoolon’s new bin ‘Herodotus the Bin’ Some music. A 60 second guitar improvisation rendition of “Time” by Hans Zimmer. I hope you enjoy; View this post on Instagram Short “Time” rendition from Hans Zimmer #time #hanszimmer #guitar #guitarcover #uk #kent #dover #england #europe A post shared by George Blamey-Steeden (@george.b.s_zoolon) on Jan 25, 2019 at

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‘The Edge of England’ For ages I’ve fancied a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. The polarized ones. It’s just that I couldn’t ever justify the expense.  Then, last Thursday I’m in Canterbury to get guitar strings and I pass a shop selling just sunglasses, including the Ray Ban range. The sun was out. Cut grass

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‘A Brand New Tomato Plant’ – A shame I had to be told it was a tomato plant ‘March of The Dead’ – a piece of Sound Art I made using samples and sound manipulation a while back. A bit of dark fun. I miss not having the time to make more of this kind of

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Last week ‘Sydney the Shetland’ from up the road, this week; ‘The No Name Donkey’ from the same place THE CHESS PLAYER Before he arrived at the café in the High Street where the lorry drivers have breakfast he was an undertaker in a faraway land where nobody had a name. Without names there wasn’t

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‘Black Knight, Dark Day’ GET LOST A strange voice talking at me Says they know all there is to know Forgetting I’m not an android Me? I’m just a one man show   You can walk me to the cliff edge I might surprise you and take the leap One thing is for certain I’ll

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‘Ignoring the Mermaid’ by Zoolon  ‘And a song I was writing is left undone I don’t know why I spend my time Writing songs I can’t believe With words that tear and strain to rhyme’ Paul Simon  I know the feeling, plus The Arsenal missed a penalty in the last minute that would have stuffed

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