On the horizon just a ‘dot’. In an over full craft refugees risk their lives for a new homeland.
I hope they made it here. A pity I couldn’t get close-ups.

‘Rule Britannia is out of bounds, To my mother, my dog, and clowns’ – Bowie

In seven months their world blew up
In seven days it ends
In seven hours they’ll be nothing left
Not an enemy nor a friend

In seven minutes they’ll sink or swim
Will they live or will they die?
Sink or swim, swim or sink
Will today be their last goodbye?

Shaven heads, beer bellied, white skinned trash
All xenophobes make double sure
“They’ll get no welcome here today
Their skin don’t match our colour”

A sandy beach and safety
Paradise for a lost Syrian
A home bombed flat, no future there
Facing oblivion

The xenophobes don’t give a damn
They can’t see that race hatred’s wrong
They don’t know their ‘ass from a hole in the ground’
A Randy Newman song

The Border Force helicopter spots them. I hope they’re on the refugee’s side.

All goes quiet, for now.

A Zoolon song. A mini protest. I hope you enjoy;

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37 thoughts on “SINK OR SWIM; SWIM OR SINK

    1. Thank you. It’s much the same here. Racism ruins the lives of many who escape the horrors of their country only to be told they’re not wanted here. I don’t understand what’s going on. Thanks again ~ George


  1. Yes, that says it all. Funny, I was just commenting on Twitter the other day how most of the racists seem to have fat stomachs induced by beer and junk food.

    I’m so ashamed that Scotland is attached even only slightly to the repugnant racist government in Westminster.

    That the repellant Patel woman, the daughter of parents who were thrown out of Uganda by Idi Amin and given sanctuary in the UK, would consider sending waves out into the Manche to send people back to France is simply beyond my understanding.

    So many of these people are fleeing the effects of climate change. We too are finding that our climate is changing. I reckon I’ll be gone by then, but I truly hope that the people of Northern Canada, Greenland Northern Scandinavia and Russia are more understanding than this government.

    Additionally, if the UK and US had kept their stupid ignorant noses out of the business of the Near and Middle East, the better to lay their hands on that region’s oil, maybe there would be so much war, suffering and misery there. And maybe their people’s wouldn’t be fleeing.

    Your lyric touched me.

    Thinking about the racists, I hope they enjoy their diabetes.

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    1. Thanks. Just before the referendum we had – in Dover, that is – a riot. The far right, mainly from the north of England, turned up to make their sick point. In doing so the town got trashed, plastic bottles full of petrol were ignited and chucked at the garage down the road from us – the ladies working in the garage got scared shitless. To a man, the rioters were all shaven headed, fat scum. I’m glad to say that the CCTV here picked up a lot of them who got some OK sentences – 4 years mainly. What is it with some people?
      And, what you said is true. US/UK bombed Syria, wiping out houses all over the place. With no place to live, we owe it to them to give them shelter. On those crowded vessel crossing La Manche include doctors/nurses/little kids alone, as their parents want to send them to safety. How about we give them greetings, not sneers.
      Government wise, it’s a disaster. PM Cummings has seen to that. What a wonderful gift Brexit was – not! We get out of a perfectly good Europe and instead are run by self-righteous racist idiots.
      Thanks again ~ George

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      1. Yes. It seems to be obligatory for the far right to be bald, and fat. It’s kinda like a uniform. The Orange Order has the same habits.

        I remember seeing that little lad washed up on the beach, with Hopkins sneering, and I cried buckets.

        And this internal market Bill is terrifying as a group of cross party (including Tory) top lawyers point out as reported in this article in the Guardian.

        Lord Neuberger, Michael Howard, Joanna Cherry, Dominic Grieve…

        It’s terrifying what Mr Cummings and his band of handpicked slow wits have led us into.

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      2. An interesting article. Did you ever see the bloke on TV news after the referendum who said, ‘At least we’ll get our Empire back now’. That sums it all up. Theirs millions of him out there and come Jan 1st they’ll all suffer – no jobs/food prices going through the roof etc. -as the disaster kicks in, like I said in the blog, ‘they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground’ – except Cummings the clever fascist ~ George

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      3. It’s frightening that all this was done by years of stirring up xenophobia in the tabloid gutter press, playing on putting the Great back in Great Britain and sadly ignorant of the fact that the Great was a translation of Grande as in Big, not as in Important. Oh well.

        It turns out that getting our empire back includes Barbados ditching the queen. That’s an impressive way to start.

        I’m sure there are people all over the world who can’t wait to be part of the Empire again, given how well they were treated by said Empire.

        I fear for Scotland. Food mainly arrives in the south east of England. In a time of shortages, will it make it to Scotland?

        Time to buy up stocks now, I’d say.

        I also fear for you guys having to live in a lorry park.



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      4. Thanks Tris. I didn’t know about the Grande thing. Thanks for that one. It fits. To me Brexit is like a top football team asking to get relegated from the Premier League to the National League South. Just mad ~ George

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    2. It’s exactly the same here in the States–all the far right “militia” types tend to be potbellied from consuming lots of chips and fast food, and very little exercise. The funny thing is that these are the same people who are trying to start a civil war. I can’t imagine them participating in a military exercise for longer than a couple minutes without having a heart attack. Unfortunately, they do tend to collect guns and are armed to the teeth.

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      1. Thanks. It’s a pretty sick world we live in. We don’t have guns in the UK, but stabbing with knives is big and getting bigger here. I notice on the news the US have – like we do here – quite a lot fat police officers. I wondered if they shoot people because they can’t run that fast chasing them? That’s probably a stupid thought, thinking about it. Thanks for reading ~ Zoolon aka George

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      2. I don’t think it’s a stupid thought at all, actually. When my husband and I were watching one of those terrible police shooting videos on the news recently, we saw the cops (who were not skinny) clearly struggling to catch up with a guy who was fleeing back to his own car. They ended up shooting him in the back. One wonders, if they were in better shape, could they have, you know…just chased and grabbed him before he got to his vehicle??

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  2. I have been a member of Amnesty International’s Urgent Action Network for many years. I feel the plight of refugees trying to escape persecution, war, bombing, and terror. Canada used to be a country that took in a lot of refugees.But even here there are now movements afoot against them. Sad Sad Sad.

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    1. That’s good to hear, Anne. I don’t understand it when people say, ‘We don’t want them here’ So long as those arriving aren’t criminals, but people in need, we owe it to them to give them shelter. Especially so when it was US/UK who bombed their land flat in the first place. Thanks ~ George

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    1. Thanks for reading. I don’t understand why some people look at someone and only see the colour of their skin when what they should be seeing is just a person. Like you, I hope for change here, there and everywhere. Thanks again ~ George

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