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‘If music be the food of love, play on’ ~ William Shakespeare

Different nations react differently in the face of the global virus crisis. The Italians have their love of opera to keep them amused, us English our love of toilet rolls. Below, two short vids, and two entirely different reactions to instantaneous music . In Italy, neighbours are all drawn to sing together. In the county of Devon, England where I grew up, one bloke sings – not that well admittedly – while a passer by (no doubt carrying some panic-bought 200+ toilet rolls on his back) has strong words to say. As my title for this blog implied, Italy won the ‘cup’ – a fare result? I think so.

The Italian team

The English ‘team’

How do I pick some music at a time like this? How about a Gloomy Groove backing track? Why not. I hope you enjoy;

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  1. Got me some In Iceland yesterday. After taking ten mins to get a parking space at the Barnhill shops… and leaving empty handed, i was only after flour by this point, who comes out of iceland but a guy with a ‘double take’pack on his trolley… So rare is that sight. After asking myself am I seeing this right… I had to fight to be restrained and not leap in and rush round the shop for fear of being trampled underfoot by all the others he would wheel past. World is nutz

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    1. What is it about toilet roll that people have to stockpile it, Shey? I can understand the anger bit when selfish idiots are taking control of the lives of others. I’ve not left the house for 4 days now as I’ve got – another – cold. It’s just a cold but the advice is to stay indoors so that’s what I’m doing. Somewhere along the way creativity is sat in its own house waiting, like me, for a chance of seeing daylight again ~ George


      1. Oh my friend, I have to so many today, writers, musicians who are all feeling this way and struggling to be creative. it is so hard when bricks bing into your senses. And this utter idiocy cannot last. You cannot keep a country in limbo actually …bottom line….. cos it does not have the equipment to deal with this and let’s not face the public with that. Anyway, personally i confess that yesterday I bought one bag of sugar, one pack of tea bags and yeah that 9 pack of lo roll…let’s get to that in a mo. I did not actually need. I did it cos I was standing in a shop without any tinned goods, eggs, flour, toothpaste, soap, loo rolls, baby food, fresh food..apart from fruit and veg, frozen anything, bread, any kind, rice of and pasta of any kind, crisps, bleach, any kind of cleaner, cream, AND despite this shit they punt re shutting to stock shelves… this must be in their dreams. I don’t go out often but generally I see lots of delivery lorries when I do. I never saw one. What I did hear was an assistant telling, a customer they had been waiting days and had no idea when that lorry would arrive. Yes the press…greatly to blame for this crisis if you ask me … says the pensioners get in for an hour early. If I were a pensioner I’d go back to sleep. There is nothing to get in to. So yeah I bought one of each of these three cos I thought.. I don’t know what next week will b ring and I also need to think of my whole family here. The loo roll…well … Another mess here is the fact that yes supermarkets are going 4 items of the same product per person… Four is 3 too many. A husband swipes four, then a wife does it and goes separately. AND let’s just look at why a consignment of loo rolls vanishes in secs and it is not just a piranha shoal of shoppers,.. it’s the fact these are mainly 24 roll packs and you can have four. So it only takes a few shoppers to clear a shelf given how many packs were on that pallet in the first place, thus creating even more panic . Time to start rationing two rolls per customer. Being a writer I like to get out and about for a bit like yesterday and I like to keep my eyes and ears open. I spoke to key workers and again to an Amazon delivery person. They cannot get at hing off any shelf. By the time they finish there’s nothing. There’s no time being set aside for them. But then there’s no lorry deliveries either

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      2. I guess it will change for the better. Just a case of when. The shop stuff amazes me and there has to be a lyric in there somewhere. I don’t know what I would do if I had to shop. I’m not that fond of humans in the first place and now I’m hearing about how worse they’re behaving. We don’t need all that selfish greed. I’m missing taking photos because when giving them a title I sometimes get ideas. I’m lucky in many ways. I work from home anyway so it’s not that different for me although not going out is killing my ability to buy collectable stuff at auctions and boot fairs. Normally I keep around 300 items in stock my spare bedroom I turned into an office. Right now post Xmas my stock is right down to next to nothing as is my income as I use this to top up earnings when music/music related dips as it does more than it rises. There’s really good money to be made in quality collectables. This is the year I planned to up my collectable game even bigger to support my music. Now this. Worse still, I hear all the indoor auctions/fairs are shut now anyway and the open season for the big boot fairs won’t happen this summer. Don’t need that at all. Isn’t it surreal when a writer and a musician talk to one another about toilet rolls? There’s a story in that somewhere. Thanks, Shey ~ George


    1. It is interesting seeing the way us English handle someone singing a song then seeing it done the Italian way – then the vid you posted. It seems someone’s copying someone. That’ll be the English version, for sure. We are hopeless ~ George

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  2. I hope you’re faring better nowadays–ugh, I’m so dreadfully behind. In our rural corner of Wisconsin, we’ve hardly seen any cases, but being in the southern half of the state where the primary urban areas are, one still needs to be safe. I hope you and yours are doing a bit better–and that you find a little salvation in song soon. xxxxx


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