I never thought I’d write a potential – maybe unlikely, thinking about it – ‘duet’ skeleton lyric where a ghost gets to talk to a signpost about brick walls. I must still be running a temperature from my latest cold. Anyway, here it is all dressed up in some of Folkestone’s graffiti art.

See what happens to the old brick walls
When the ghost comes out at night
She screams and howls at passers by
Under a crescent moon’s half light

The sign said ‘Graffiti is illegal’
The sign said ‘Just go away
This is no place for a ghost to be’
She just smiled and had her say

“I may not be allowed here
But you can’t deny me of the chance
To dress up all forgotten bricks
And set them free to dance
That way they get to live again
That way they get noticed at last
All dressed up in their new designs
They can leave behind their stone-broke past”




Next, there’s one from Charleville-Mézières, The Ardennes, France from two years back. I like this one.

DSC00589 (2)

If you want to see some seriously great graffiti you ought to visit the blog of a lady called RESA  from Toronto. The pics she takes and posts are something else. If you’re not following her already I recommend you do.

Music time. My song ‘Forced Practice’. The title made me think about the ghost and the issues she had with the signpost. I hope you enjoy;

If any poets out there are interested in having your poems turned into songs then click here to check it out: POETRY TO SONG

If you are looking for all my other music then you’ll find it to download on BANDCAMP or you can stream and/or make a playlist of it on SPOTIFY

Copyright © 2018 music; 2020 art; Zoolon Audio. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


  1. nice piece! I took a browse through your apparel and took a liking with the ionian scale. it would be cool to order at some point, but i’m in the states and not sure how much that would run. do you do the printing of tshirts or do you use another entrepreneur to tackle that aspect? i’ve got some of my own ideas to put to tshirts as well but don’t want to tackle that myself. i’m in the get as much info on it as i can, and i’m in a pre-planning stage.took a listen to some of your tracks. really like dream rescuer. you’re pretty good with the axe.

    Liked by 1 person

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