When it comes to classical guitar I like to keep my hand in but often other things get in the way. Not this time though. I made a new classical guitar adaptation of my song ‘Pain’  from my ‘Dream Rescuer’ album.

Press the play button to listen to the new adapted rendition. It’s only 1.51 minutes long. I hope you enjoy;

If you want to make a comparison with the original, here is that original – which is available to buy and download at BANDCAMP ;

Here’s the ‘Created Guitar Tab’/’Score-sheet’ for any musician that would like to learn/play along:

Pain Scoresheet (George Blamey-Steeden)#1.png

Pain Scoresheet (George Blamey-Steeden)#2.png

If it helps get the flavour of the adaption here’s the original lyric;

The nights are getting longer
Your days are drawing in
You lost the dice roll this time
In a game you could never win

Guilt is loves shadow yet we never forget
From the corner of my eye your silhouette
It was your time and my tears feel like rain
I traded my grief to end all your pain

The game is now over
I’m glad that we played
The wounded heart full of sorrow
Nothing betrayed

Now its official
Now its no dream
Always remember nothing is as it seems
It was your time
This short songs for you
To help ease this

If any poets out there are interested in having your poems turned into songs then click here to check it out: POETRY TO SONG

If you are looking for all my other music then you’ll find it to download on BANDCAMP  or you can stream and/or make a playlist of it on SPOTIFY

Copyright © 2016 -2020 Zoolon Audio. Music & Lyric. All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


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