Artist – Spunky Zoe

7 hours till tomorrow
17 hours back to yesterday
7 hours I could do without
‘Cause tomorrow’s isn’t just another day

See these eyes – read what they’re saying
Look close – begin your praying
See these eyes – full of emptiness
Save your tears – don’t read the press

See these eyes – catch their disguise
Look close – before the moment dies
See these eyes – the fight’s just begun
The frozen boxer – the one on one

The full ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’ album’ on YouTube. I hope you relax and enjoy;

If any poets out there are interested in having your poems turned into songs then click here to check it out: POETRY TO SONG

If you are looking for all my other music then you’ll find it to download on BANDCAMP  or you can stream and/or make a playlist of it on SPOTIFY

Copyright © 2019, Zoolon Audio.  Music & Artwork. All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

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