moon (2)

‘Earlier That Night’ – adapted from a photo by Christian Lagereek

Why me? I couldn’t work out what was happening at first. The sky looked weird. There’s not too much light pollution on the coast yet this night the sky had no flickering stars nor the black blanket the stars take a rest on. It wasn’t sea mist, clouds or fog either. It was big and getting bigger all the time. It didn’t take long before it filled the sky with somethingness. Only then did I work it out. The moon had decided to crash into the earth and there was nothing I could do about it.

All around me, people not looking up. Happy smiling people without a clue what was about to happen. I tried to tell them but although my mouth mimed the words the words weren’t coming out. Fear and anger. Anger and fear.

Soon I could see not just the outlines of the moon’s craters like you would with a telescope. This time I could see them clearly, like people on holiday flying over the Grand Canyon, except that I was looking up while they’d be looking down. I figured I had about five minutes to live. The bloke on his mountain bike who passed by didn’t have a clue, nor the group of girls sat on the bench eating their takeaway something. It was probably for the best they weren’t looking up. That way they’d die without having to get stressed about it.

Then I remembered that the lady from Vladivostok who always speaks of interesting things was arriving later to cut my hair. That’s when I woke up.

Here’s both the lyric & the song, ‘Ticking Clock’. I hope you enjoy;
In this land
The sky only knows
How to rain and how to hide us from the sun
The ticking clock
Stuck in reverse
They lead us all backwards to when time had just begun
Pretending all along they had a plan a morale plan
The chatter of the mindless now has made this mess
Made this mess

In this place
Threats turn to war
Bombs and poor excuses feed the starving hawk
The ticking clock
Stuck in reverse
Can we leave these leaders fighting on their own?

from Dream Rescuer, released May 15, 2017

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Copyright © 2017, Zoolon Audio.  Music & Artwork. All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


  1. Tell Mike and Shirley that I was visiting a relative in a South London hospital yesterday and asked a West Indian nurse if she lived far. “Not too far” she replied. “Tornton Heet”
    They will understand

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    1. I’ll pass it on. My mother and her accents. She must get through about ten different ones every day. I know Tornton Heet. It’s her starter for 10. I once made a zombie carton and she did the voice overs. One of my characters was an Indian bloke but her Indian accent came out Welsh so I had to change his name and make him Indian Welsh. It was that or do the whole thing over again. I got an award but God knows how ~ George

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      1. Indian Welsh? Wot? Like Daffyd Patel?
        I spoke to your mum on the phone and she sounded quite refined. She put me in mind of a much younger Dame Barbara Cartland. Mike, on the other hand, sounded like a complete ruffian and a coniving mountebank of a very high order. Nicely-dressed mind.

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      2. I forgot what I called the bloke. I was 16 when I made the vid but Daffyd Patel would have been a better name. The zombies got him halfway through anyhow. Proper posh is her fall back accent. Devon the day to day one. She doesn’t know she’s doing it most times. I had breakfast with them earlier. She was classic Glasgow then but only because a Scottish guy from the port customs was listening in ~ George


    1. I’m glad you liked them, Resa. If you have Spotify and want to stream my music then there’s a link at the end of most of my blogs that’ll take you there. That’s where my 5 albums and backing tracks all live under the name Zoolon Audio. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. It is my fucked up computer or maybe me….. the point is that quite a lot of times I can´t read the people I love to read, the good thing now is that they put in WordPress any time you go to the “reader” and only just go to the “like” it inmediatelly tells you all the people that like that post, so I might even given tribute to WordPress.
        To the point- after smoking a joint….. I trully am privilage of reading and hearing you.
        I can say now that I´m Friends with a magical artist. Only when I get with the ladies now and then, I´m getting old.
        Stay Frosty gent.

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      2. Thanks. WP does have its issues. I have a few people I follow who’s work never shows up on my Reader. My dad (Mike Steeden) reckons that on his WP blog there are well over a thousand people he follows who never appear on his blog – including me! I know he’s getting fed up right now. It’s a bit of a dog when people think he – mainly – and I are ignoring them ~ George


      1. That is exactly why I call WordPress my free univertiy apart from paying the internet, but I love to explore all kinds of genres, I take away something for me to explore and then write

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