1No. 5 HUMAN ART; Loire Valley, France – The Troglodytes

No. 3 –  HUMANS (part 1)
Humans are intelligent?
That’s what most humans say
But if you look at human leaders
They’re as bright as a cloudy day

No. 3 HUMANS (part 2)
We’ve got a planet in its death throws
We’ve got wars, got rape and racist crime
If that is called ‘humanity’
“See you, another time”

I’m not seeing where the good hang out
But I know we’re out there somewhere
It’s time we get real and go public
We can make a difference if we take the dare

I started wondering when the first creature who decided to walk out of the sea realised that if it stayed underwater any longer it would probably drown. Motivation?

gills2 (2)

No. 4 – HALFTIME HUMAN (above)

Some people look like a rabbit in the headlights most times. Others look like the headlights. On balance, I prefer rabbits to headlights.


scaffold2 (2)

My mad moment over, time for some music. One of my backing tracks, ‘Chilled Our Groove’. I hope you enjoy;

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10 thoughts on “MIXED-UP HUMANKIND

  1. You are good, George , so I hang out here , I feel my faith in humanity slowly slipping away. Things that are bad are happening. It’s only going to get worse. Not to worry as long as you keep writin , George , I think we still have some hope left for mankind. They should read you.

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    1. Thanks Yasmin. It is a mixed up world. It probably always has been. The thing that’s so bad right now is the planet is overcrowded and can’t feed everyone plus climate change is making it all worse still. That’s when the violence starts. You’re right though, there is some hope only if proper good people stand up and get their voices heard. Fingers-crossed on that ~ George

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  2. Sadly, we don’t do much with our vaunted intelligence. Too many of us have failed to learn the important lesson that intelligence, to be worthy of respect, must be tempered by compassion and fortified by courage. It then becomes Wisdom.


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    1. I agree. I’d like to see the courage come from business simply because if big business could see profits and employment opportunities business could make reversing climate change happen. Then we wouldn’t have leaders siding with voters who say, work in the coal industry and such like. I’m no capitalist but this time business could do better than governments because business doesn’t have borders. Thanks for the comment ~ George

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      1. Well, while I welcome your opinion I’d have to respectfully disagree.

        Corporate executives have a long history of caring about nothing other than personal gain. Even when they do something good, the motivation is wrong. Some of them donate large sums of money to good causes and while that may seem an honorable thing to do, the majority of the money was collected at the expense of suffering and most of the time the money is merely public relations, a purchase of good will.

        Now, I know that not everyone is the same, but again, the vast majority of upper echelon executives in commerce today show similarities, certain traits that do not come from a place of compassion, justice or integrity. Times have changed. The most aggressive, least considerate and most brutal succeed most easily in today’s business climate due to the mindset of the “victory” going to the person willing to go the furthest and do what “the other guy” won’t do. (No desire to be sexist, I’m just using the common terminology).

        As far as your comment on addressing the climate crisis, in my country, the U.S., business executives have almost always rejected changes that were for the benefit of everyone. Simple examples are seat belts and good quality brakes in automobiles. U.S. auto manufacturers refused to install seat belts in all vehicles and resisted small manufacturers attempts to improve brake systems. Government had to force them to make changes. Seat belts were made mandatory in all automobiles. Think of how many people would have died the past half century if we’d left it up to Capitalists to do the right thing.

        The process starts with us. We have to stand up and demand changes. Not enough of us do. And those who do are usually branded as trouble makers, unpatriotic, weirdos and even criminals. But we need to do it anyway and as more people decide to get off their lazy asses and speak up, the easier it will become to make politicians hear us. They can force necessary changes, especially since it is becoming a matter of survival. Corporate executives will always give us band-aids to cover open wounds oozing with infection. They put on a show because they’ve perfected the “Madison Avenue” style of politics. It works and, amazingly, they continue to play it – even while bringing us close to the point of mass extinctions and severe loss of human life,

        I honestly can’t say things are as bad in Britain, or other countries as it is here, but we are incredibly adept here in the U.S. as ignoring reality. “Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people. “

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