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‘In The Days Before Tomorrow’

I got a marketing brochure selling vitamins and an easier menopause in the post. I’ve no idea how they got my name and address. The thing was that on the front cover it said ‘START THE NEW YEAR ON THE RIGHT FOOT’. It wasn’t a lot of use to me, I’m left-footed. Odd that they excluded left-footers’ in a racist sort of way.

The brochure also said it was, ‘PACKED WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED’. They lied. There was no mention of sleep, instant fame or shares in Amazon. Anyway, here’s some words for another day;

The worst thing about tomorrow
Is living yesterday
Setting fire to wild flowers
That bloomed again today

Trouble on a sleepless night
A dream before a dream
Point the way and I will follow
We’re both on the same lost team

We were lighting up the camp fire
Of just another forest lost
I saw a light beam in the gold mine
And asked how much the cost?

We didn’t need the torches
We swapped dead matchsticks for a naked flame
Opened up the opened door
You just smiled, said “That’s a shame”

We met again in the ruins
I said “I can’t see you through this fire and smoke”
You laughed aloud, said, “So sorry
Don’t you realize I’m your soul and you’re my cloak”

gerge mirror 2 (3)

‘Mind Meld with the Mirror’

Staying with the darkness theme, here’s my piece called ‘Barbed Wire’. I hope you enjoy;

If any poets out there are interested in having your poems turned into songs then click here to check it out: POETRY TO SONG

Also, if you are looking for the above or any of my songs and instrumentals then you’ll find it to download on BANDCAMP  or you can stream and/or make a playlist of it on SPOTIFY

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18 thoughts on “THE CLOAK

    1. Thanks, Shey. I don’t get hardly any post normally. Maybe the student loan statement one once a year – generally ignored. Mostly it’s all paperless. Why send that to me. Odd ~ George

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  1. Nice one! Insomnia is the pestilence that leads to all sorts of curious and often depressing thoughts. However you seem to have turned it to artistic expression. I have a photo of my son wearing one and holding another of your t-shirts. Let me know where I can email it or post it to.

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