Zoolon’s Simple Take on Trees

I wouldn’t like to be a tree in the Amazon right now. Having said that I probably wouldn’t particularly want to be a tree in the first place. I’d never get to see The Arsenal play again or get to eat macaroni cheese. Then there’s dogs with an urgent need to think about, plus if I become a tree I guess all my guitars would get sold on eBay.

More seriously, even though science has proven trees interact with one another and given that they reduce erosion, moderate the climate, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store a mass of carbon in their tissues, plus trees and forests provide a habitat for many species of animals, insects and plants who would otherwise die out, we chop the lot down for a ton of pathetic reasons. Mainly it’s all about humans making big money whatever the damage to the planet they leave behind. Short term thinking? Too right it is.

Relevant to my mini rant, here’s my protest song ‘Sunlight & The Dust’ along with a few more ‘new photos of old photos’ almost forgotten.

20191109_110141 (2)

The spaceman from a green blue planet stopped by to pay us a visit and say “hello”
Earthman offered him a ready meal wrapped in plastic and a home delivery pizza just for show

20191109_105434 (2)

Spaceman said, “Man you’ve some great trees here, it’s a shame you’ve not got that many anymore”
Earthman just shrugged and said “That’s how we like it, besides we don’t eat apples like before”

20191109_110529 (2)

“You’re kidding me, the trees keep you lot well and alive, their fruit is the best thing you can get
This rubbish you just served up isn’t for me mate – it’s less a meal; more a bloody threat”

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      1. I know. We live in a conservation area here at least it means they can’t be chopped down unless with good reason. having said that though the one in the downstairs garden is ridic. And I guess that’s the other side to the coin in that people also hold in tablets of stone certain things largely cos they can’t be bothered looking after the tree.

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  1. These pics are great, George. In a way you are a tree, George. You talk about issues plaguing our planet , it’s almost like nature telling us this has to stop , all this deforestation and what’s happening in the Amazon, it’s almost like a first hand report , the way I read your post .
    The spaceman is wise and tolerant. I only wish man would listen , but politicians won’t bag they rule.
    Time to listen to your awesome music , maybe it will ease the sadness of what’s happening around.
    Thanks , George. Thanks for writing about these things. Someone has to talk about it and you say it like no other , I mean like no one else.

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    1. Thanks for that, Yasmin. I had this random thought the other day that the only way we could survive would be to put our brains into robots. A stupid idea I know, but robots don’t need trees; fresh air; breeding; food etc. How would they create art? Weird thought. I bet that’s what will happen in the future though. I hope the music still works after you’ve read this! ~ George

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      1. That would make it a heartless robot . A brainiac . You think futuristic , George.
        No, I don’t want to think about that , I ‘d rather listen to Zoolon.

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  2. We’re horrible caretakers of the planet. Even those who don’t reap large profits from the endless mining of natural resources could do better. Everyone knew one day we’d go too far…and that “one day” has arrived.

    Very nice song, George! 👍

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      1. Absolutely true. I sing that song often while driving around my little part of the world. A new apartment complex replaces a forested area. A huge storage rental place goes up and block a lake view. It’s awful.


    1. Thanks, Chris. Since I spoke with Yasmin on this thread I’ve gone more si-fi. Like my brain in a robots head rendering climate change irrelevant. There’s got to be a story, if not a song, in that. Thanks again ~ George

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  3. Thanks so much for this piece, George. It resonates with profound truth. The world population has nearly quadrupled since my birthdate, 1947. I join with you in raging at that insane self-involved “progress” that distinguishes the utter callousness of humanity, proud of their clever accomplishments. Amputrees line the streets of my town, their limbs regularly truncated to prevent power outages that might inconvenience that “greater” population. Ironic that electricity is cut in California to prevent forest fires.
    I am calling November 22nd “Hug an Amputree Day.”


    1. Thank you, Bill. Breed trees not humans and there’s every chance things might change for the better. The only flaw in that theory is that it won’t happen – sadly. Thanks for the read ~ George

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      1. Thanks, Bill. It’s a shame no one was listening to you back then. The old man’s tree hugger won’t be too happy when the forests are gone. Enjoy your day ~ George


  4. I think you were dropped from my Reader (it happens a lot). I haven’t seen anything from you in awhile, so I thought I’d check, and I wasn’t following you. Sorry about that. I don’t want to miss any of your posts. The loss of tress is just one more thing humans do to destroy all life.

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    1. That’s interesting. WP invites me to ‘follow’ people who I already ‘follow’ plus some people I follow I never get to see their posts on the Reader. Other people have told me they suffer the same thing. Odd ~ George


  5. Is this the same protest song I heard before? Whatever, I like it a lot.
    The vocal texture is appropriately sad. Do you have any angry sounding protest songs?
    Agree about the trees. I have about 50 plants in my apartment. 6 are small trees. If they were where they should be growing, they would be big trees. Anyway, I adore all my plants, take good care of them and talk to them.
    Thank you for the post, and your music!

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    1. Thanks. This one, ‘The Sunlight & The Dust’, is from my first album ‘Dream Rescuer’. I don’t think I’ve given it an outing for quite a while. I have a number of soft protest song in the locker. I’m so glad you liked it. I once recorded my mother talking to her plants when she wasn’t looking. The best bit was when I captured her have a serious conversation with the bees – like they were best friends and known each other forever. I remember later she told me that you have to tell the bees about births, deaths and marriages ‘It’s the law’. She’s mad, but in a good way. Thanks again ~ George

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  6. It will be a very sad day if all the trees disappear! We are losing so many in our summer bushfires along with native animals. It is terrible to see, mother nature is not happy with us humans. We need to take care of her and her trees, animals, plants and waterways. Thanks for sharing and taking time to read and ‘like’ my posts! Peace and blessings! Enjoyed your soft protest song 🙂

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