‘It Wasn’t Me’ 

Politicians get on my nerves. Their promises rain down like confetti at a wedding but mostly never happen. Some are great liars, others just feed on the lies.


Harry lives in a cardboard box behind the Eiffel Tower
Alice sits in doorways hoping for hard currency in exchange for a wilting flower
Today she’ll sleep under the Bridge of Sighs in a gondola she nicked last night
While Jane tries to flog ‘The Big Issue’ mag in some dark place out of sight

All and any of the usual crowd were invited to the fat man’s ball
Except for Harry, Jane and Alice who never got the call

I guess we’re all just people
Some are rich and some are poor
It’s just that the rich buy all the miracles
And the poor have no saviour

Politicians smile and go shaking hands, their disciples at their side
They promise to make the poor less poor, they promised but they lied

They promise almost anything that helps them get ahead
Yet in reality don’t give a damn that Alice don’t have a bed

New topic. Putting my two backing track albums together there’s 40 pieces of music that run nearly 8 hours. Each track reveals a new mood from which you can lie back and think of creativity or build a song around them. Here’s an Emotional Grove as an example. I hope you enjoy;

As well as being out there on SPOTIFY for quality streaming, below is Bandcamp where these numbers can be downloaded;

Also, for any poets out there wanting to turn a poem into a top quality song for an affordable price – a low price (just £100 for an acoustic song) only available because I undertake the whole project from start to finish, hence no third party composers, musicians, recording engineers, studio fees etc., whose charges that can run into the thousands – I’m your man. There’s a link on the top bar of this blog reading ‘Your Poetry to Song’ if you should want to get in touch.

Copyright © 2019 Zoolon Audio.  Music & Photograph. All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


26 thoughts on “PEOPLE

  1. Many politicians lie for power and money, true. I don’t believe it is the majority, and I definitely don’t believe that all sides do it equally. What I do believe is that when a politician campaigns, they put forth a vision of how things should be. Unfortunately, some phrase this as a promise, which they should not. Even more unfortunate is that even when the politician doesn’t phrase their vision as a promise, many voters interpret it as such. No politician is going to be a dictator, at least not in one of the many versions of democracy now existing. They will all be part of a group who govern by consensus and compromise. Rant over 🙂

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    1. I understand what your saying and I guess when politicians start out being politicians they may have a dream to share. Why do it otherwise? I just think it all goes wrong when they become part of the system. That’s when they start to tell lies to achieve power. The UK has the perfect example of lies for power at the top right now. Mini rant other and thanks for reading ~ George

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  2. I hear you about the politicians. At the gym I go to there are TVs in front of the treadmills and the Impeachment Debacle is on all of them. Yesterday another woman and I turned them all on to cooking and food channels. Neither of us could take anymore. Especially as they kept cutting in with the responses of the President. Enough to make me throw up! I feel for Alice and all the homeless like her.


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