Portrait of Space

Artwork by Lee Miller- ‘Surrealism’

It was on the BBC News. The story of Bethany. An innocent 17 year old being treated worse than a serial killer held in solitary confinement because in this so called great land the bigwigs haven’t got a compassionate clue what to do to help her.

I won’t rant on and on but below the link to the BBC website. That says pretty much all that needs saying.


Your cell is just 12 by 10
No window, no chair, no stool
No lavatory, no sink, no shower
No nothing that isn’t cruel

It’s two years now you’ve been there
Two years 24/7 alive and on your own
So, you’re different from the others
Stay proud, that’s no reason to lock you up alone

They’ve banged you up in solitary
All you’ve got is a mattress on the floor
As a guest in The Hotel Confinement
You get your food shoved through the door

So what you’ve got anxiety
Autism, maybe more
Not cared for by the untrained staff
They just don’t know the score

We’re out here thinking of you Bethany
I guess we number more than just a few
I hope my words help shame the authorities
Help make them make a proper life for you

I could make a song after playing around with these words but never will without permission. To do otherwise would be wrong. What I really hope is that she, and many others like her who grew up only to be let down, get the result she and they deserve – right now; no excuses. Then it’s hopefully ‘problem over’.

As I’ve not got a bespoke Bethany song, how about me and my guitar? Why not. This one, ‘Aggressive Groove’ from my album ‘Guitar Jam – Volume Two’ on  BANDCAMP  is for Bethany. I hope you enjoy.

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13 thoughts on “‘THE HOTEL CONFINEMENT’

  1. What a story! I would never expect this in England. I have been a member of Amnesty International’s Urgent Action Network for over 30 years and this is what I would expect to hear about in a country known for human rights abuses. I hope Bethany will get a better hearing .

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  2. This is preposterous, I can’t for the world of me imagine what the girl and her family must be going through. Just reading about it was an ordeal on the emotions.
    Thank you for bringing this here. We are now more aware.

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    1. Thanks, Yasmin. You’re dead right. How can an innocent person end up being treated like the worst criminal? It beats me. I’m hoping the BBC News take on it gets it sorted out ~ George

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    1. Thanks. I think now the BBC have made it public it’ll get sorted. She’s not alone. Apparently there’s a ,lot of others in the same boat. Truly disgusting and you’re right, this is a human rights issue. Thanks again ~ George

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    1. Thanks, Shey. It was the old man who pointed this one my way. He’s still saying ‘heads must roll’. I don’t understand how people’s minds work most times. Thanks again ~ George


      1. Well I had been watching World On Fire which I am not the biggest fan of largely cos it veers towards being too chocolate boy for my taste but it is something to watch on a Sunday night and this episode was about this German family with an epileptic daughter in 1940 and then? Then I catches the end of this and I seriously wondered what year I was in, it was so shocking.

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      2. Thanks, Shey. I never get angry but I do support all causes where innocent people get a bum deal. There was a bit on the TV where the dad was recorded talking to her. She was happy, laughing, like the world is good. So she meltdowns sometimes. That isn’t a crime to get locked up for. I guess I do get angry sometimes. Thanks again ~ George


      3. Hell, I’d be locked up 24/7 given the temper I’ve got. I just think that a society that can’t care for those with problems like this are no society;. AND I did see some stuff about her dad and things she’d said and I thought why is she being kept like this?


    1. I heard her father speak on the TV. One time he was allowed to hold her hand through of hole in the wall. They don’t even do that now. He’s an educated bloke, broken at the way his daughter is being treated. The bottom line is that there must be a better way. Thanks for reading ~ George

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