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This post is about how I got to name the composition I called ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’. It’s another song title people have asked me about.

When I was a kid I had this giant book about Greek Mythology. I never read it. I had it read to me. I’ve still got that book. Earlier this year I got into reading. Mainly Si-Fi. Greek Mythology isn’t that far removed from Si-Fi. I found myself reading about the Greek God, Zeus, the king of the gods.

Zeus’s main wife was Hera, the queen of the Olympian God’s of Greece. She was the mother of the four kids, all Gods. The thing is Zeus fathered over 100 children, quite a few of them were daughters. The ones he had by other Goddesses became Goddesses in their own right.  The thing was he had tons more kids by regular women – I don’t think loyalty and moral codes were his thing. Anyhow, depending upon the nature of the mother these daughters might, with a bit of luck, be declared Goddesses but if it wasn’t their lucky day they’d be normal mortals – albeit with a dad who was a god. How that worked out I don’t get but I take it as a given.

It was when I was reading about Zeus that I had the dream. With so many kids, especially the mortal pack, Zeus must have lost track of who was who. Understandable. In my dream I was imagining a daughter he’d entirely forgotten about. She had a name in my dream, but it was lost when I woke up, hence the title of the song I wrote for her being, ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’. Also, in the dream she was pretty mad she didn’t get a decent gig the daughter of a god should have got. She never ever got a birthday present from her dad as well. Most times she was imagining things, sad and short of money. I do have the strangest dreams.

In her honour I made it the title track to that particular album. If you’re interested the album is available on BANDCAMP 

Here’s the number itself. I hope you enjoy.

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      1. It could be that the Gods invented football. Apparently, football dates back to as far as 2500 B.C. with the Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and the Romans all having played a game involving a ball and feet.

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  1. Beautiful – again George – I would love to download your album (some tunes would be perfect for Yoga) but just have a couple of questions – if I download it on my phone – will it show up in my music aka iTunes thing? Also – nope actually that was the main question 😊

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    1. Thanks. I think if you’re going to download on to your phone you need the Bandcamp app. Alternatively, download on you PC; unzip; drag files into iTunes; sync phone with iTunes. That might sound a bit complicated but it is actually quite easy. I hope this helps and thanks again ~ George

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  2. My kiddos recently watched the Disney film Hercules, which has waaaaaaaaaaaay too nice a view of the gods. I’d think many offspring of gods were forgotten about, since yeah, they did love sewing their oats….

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    1. I think the gods/god throughout are like mirror images reflecting the society who made them up. Like the Greeks and the Romans. To justify they were doing life right, they got away with it because that’s what their gods were doing it. It’s an interesting subject. It would be a shame if Disney gave the kids evil characters though ~ George

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