‘Cleo the Wise Owl’
She doesn’t talk that much but she did mention that
without bees, seeds & trees we are nothing. 

Songs that that tell stories are fascinating me lately. I’m not sure why, although the plus with a song is – providing the melody is a good one – that a lyricist can get away with just a few words and a decent chorus to tell his tale.  Here’s the beginnings of such a song – the basic lyric/verse to be chopped about with come the time to record.


I saw you on the silver screen
Living out the dream
Praise and fame and fortune
And a low calorie regime

I wrote the song you never heard
Maybe you didn’t like the blues?
At least not the way I sung them
The blues don’t get reviews

You’re all over the social media
The newspapers want you too
On the front of every glossy magazine
Outside the paparazzi form a queue

Yet sometimes on a rainy day
Sometimes in the mist
Sometimes in a crowded room
It’s like you don’t exist

What about some music? Here’s an ‘Uplifting Grove – C Mixolydian’ from the new ‘Guitar Jam, Volume 1 – Zoolon Audio Backing Tracks’ Album available on BANDCAMP

It’s designed for musicians but works as a piece of uplifting music.

For the record it’s not just all my albums that are available for download on  BANDCAMP  these days. Now you can select and download individual tracks for just £1 or other currency equivalents. I think they call it ‘Pick ‘n Mix’.

Copyright © 2017-2019 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


24 thoughts on “IT’S LIKE YOU DON’T EXIST

    1. Thanks, Yasmin. I’m building up quite a stock for a new album. I’m on Volume 2 of the backing tracks right now but should have some space to create in later this year or early next. Thanks again ~ George

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  1. Love your work and lyrics! Added a spin 👍
    I saw you on the silver screen
    Living out the dream
    Praise fame fortune I fiend
    Wishing still on a low calorie regime

    Inked the song never heard
    No response blues maybe blurred
    Not the way sung to be unjeweled
    Note to self Blues don’t get reviewed

    You’re all over the social media
    From newspapers to cyclopedias
    On the front of every glossy magazine
    Even paparazzi in a ghostly lean

    Yet sometimes on a rainy day
    Sometimes in the mist of all the hay
    Sometimes in a crowded room
    Like you don’t exist minus a groom

    My song gets reviewed
    Rainy day priceless jeweled
    Blues no longer being blurred
    Now reviewed… Blues heard

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  2. My man! Great read-beats? Or mixing sounds?. I feel like a groupie…..kind of weird, anyways sooner than later the bank will give me a credit card so I can finally purchase some of your music. Next week!! Quite exited about having a credit card, weird for you but not for me. Is it normal that the groups of songwriters I constantly listen are men? I don´t know why, I can listen to some females one or two songs but the music that I constantly hear is all dudes, and no I´m not gay, I´m straigh as an arrow. I guess I´m happy that today….my day with a lady. Day off from being a caretaker of “Mommy Rambo.”
    I actually get inspired by music, and lately I have been playing this band

    I like the variety of these guys, he can sing you an opera, rap,rastafari or whatever is this mix, just the mix it all. I get a lot of words and phrases, ideas, from this group lately.
    And you .
    Take care says the Craaaaazy Priest.

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    1. Lyrics good; performance seriously professional; like the way they use captured sounds for some of the intros; videos work for them; they’re good but with that talent need not be too generic. I guess they will just get better and better. Great stuff, liked it a lot ~ George


  3. Ah, the blues. I played some Muddy Waters and Etta James for a class of preteens–a few actually perked up, said they liked it. And then there was the one who said, “This sounds like Christmas music” and laughed.

    Sadly, the Teacher Code prohibits me from calling kids “idiots.”

    Out loud, anyway.


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