‘A Genius Who Lost the Plot’ – Zoolon’s title
‘On Being An Angel’ by Francesca Woodman. Her own pic; her own much better title

The photographic artist Francesca Woodman was not just a mad – in a good way – genius, she was a dream come true for a songwriter. Maybe she was a dream? When I was in the process of composing two inter-connected songs about her life and death for my ‘Pigeons Are Switzerland’ album back in the Spring of 2018 she felt like a dream. A dream that starts off happy and ends up sad. For the record, more often than not she was her own muse as her portfolio reveals.

I did run a post about her in July 2018. I hadn’t thought about either composition until the other day when checking my stats it revealed the two tracks, ‘Francesca’ & ‘Eastside 1981’ have been getting loads of plays. I’m not saying they are ‘trending’ big-time on social media but I can say in terms of numbers the plays are running in their hundreds. Odd, and a pity no money is coming my way out of it! Anyhow, it’s because of that that I am now giving them another outing.

Francesca Woodman was an amazing talented.  To me, her uniqueness set a new trend. Call it a sub-genre within photographic art. As history reveals, like a lot of artists she didn’t get the recognition she deserved when she was alive. It wasn’t until she committed suicide jumping off a building in Eastside, New York in 1981 aged just 22 that she finally made a name for herself.

Here’s what I wrote in 2018, “The tribute is in two parts. The first a song simply named ‘Francesca’, a reflection on the person, more than her chronology. The lyric drifts between first and third person thoughts and questions.  I like to think she’d be good with that. Next, there is an instrumental, a eulogy without words. For this I have tried to capture her essence and final moments. It’s a short piece for a tragically, short life. When the melody stops, if you listen hard enough you’ll hear… well I’ll let you decide what you hear. This piece I’ve named ‘Eastside 1981’.” Below, the two songs in question. I hope you enjoy the listen;

Francesca aside – Copyright © 2019 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.


      1. Appreciate the introduction, George. Thank you. I can understand why you had to write these songs. I found this article about her friend’s release of shared memories: She’s compelling as an artist. When I went to region governor’s school when I was 16, I had a classmate who attended the same school as her in Rhode Island, a decade or two later. Your work here is really beautiful, George. I really enjoy your artistry and commentary within your musical compositions, your poetry, your heart.

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      2. Thanks for that link, Ka. I like it you were so close to her history. There’s a line in your link, “After she died, for me, there was this weird feeling that if I never opened that box that [she] was alive in there” – I read that and thought one day that line is one I’ll write a piece of classical music for. Thanks again for that ~ George

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    1. Thanks. It’s a shame that artists suffer most times. I think they see success like being judged in the money thing and the glory they think they need, not the art they make. Ir’s very sad ~ George

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