‘Creativity on Tap’

I’m pleased to announce that ‘Volume 1’ of my ‘Guitar Jam Backing Tracks’ has been released on Bandcamp.


This is a great collection for anyone learning how to play the guitar or is an experienced player who can enjoy playing along to the 20 track, 3 hour long album creating their new songs. Importantly, it is also perfect for people who just want some music to listen to in the background.

You’ll find this digital album at BANDCAMP LINK . From this link you’ll see it includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. It’s priced at just £6.50 in the UK or at an equivalent rate in US dollars and other currency.

Here’s one of the tracks……….. I hope you enjoy;



Copyright © 2019 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

15 thoughts on “THREE HOURS OF MUSIC

  1. Love the minor keys. I’ll send this on to my middle son, guitar player. He and his wife moving to France in the spring so he’s selling his guitars except for one or two. I miss hearing him play😊

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      1. He turns 50 next month, his wife is from France. Worked a cubicle office job for 25+ years and sick of that life. As I write that, it seems impossible so much time has passed so quickly. They want to open a B and B there. He’s keeping a couple guitars, it’s just shipping is expensive ☺️

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      2. Which part of France? My family go there a lot. In fact they just returned to the UK from France a couple of days back. They might be interested unless Brexit over complicates things ~ George

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      3. Ever since a little kid I’ve been spending a lot of holiday time in France. If I ever make a fortune and the French will have me, it’s a place called La Touquet where I’ll live. I hope they find the place they want ~ George

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    1. Thanks. This one is a collection of backing tracks. It’s success is wound up with getting a credible number of ‘subscribers’ on YouTube. I’ve not bothered much about YouTube before so haven’t that many followers yet. ‘Subscribe’ there is the same as ‘followers’ here. If you could hit the ‘subscribe’ on YouTube – I’m known as Zoolon Audio there – I’ll owe you big time! If not, no worries ~ George

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