WP Shirt (smaller)

This is going to sound like the unashamed marketing it is. So I’ll apologize right at the start. If you can hang in there, that would be good, and if nothing else you might want to check out my artwork on a whole host of  items via this LINK.

I’ve often wondered what else I can do with this website and what is, to some extent, the ‘Zoolon’ brand. Then I got the idea to design my own custom clothing and merchandise.

I’ve designed a mass of unique music and guitar based slogans and graphics for not just women’s, men’s and unisex tee-shirts of all shapes and sizes, but also I’ve had them printed on hoodies, leggings, socks, mugs, phone cases, pillows and tote bags.

The unusual range I have here you might like for yourself or alternatively you may think they make great gifts. If you fancy checking the clothing and merchandise out here (again) is the LINK to access the store.

WP Clothes 3

These items can be shipped to the UK, USA, all European Countries, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

WP Clothes 2

No worries if these things bore you rigid.

WP Clothes 1

Also, I’ve now listed all of Zoolon’s published music on the widget column on the right. So if you wish to listen for free while you search you know where to look.

If you’ve hung in this far I think it only right that I say, ‘thank you’ ~ Zoolon aka George


    1. Thank you, Felicia. I’m that stupid when I first read your kind comment I thought you somehow knew that what with me having a rotten head cold for days I’ve not been in the gym, hence I have expanded a bit. Anyway, sincere thanks ~ George

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      1. What’s a ‘mild winter’? They’ve all got the central heating on here and it’s only September. The killer is that heat rises and up in my attic studio I’m boiling alive. Probably the only person in England who is! ~ George

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      2. Man-made heat sets my dust allergies off. Real heat doesn’t. This has been a difficult time but they are off to France. No more major, every couple of minutes, sneezing. ~ George

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      1. I’ve just checked and edited this post. It seems they can be shipped to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all of Europe. A pity the shippers didn’t tell me that before. Never mind ~ George

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  1. ” A terrible marketer” Once in upon of time….. I worked in that thing, actually you are a terrible markeinter if you in the beginning say so, at the same time It may also look good straitigicaly for certain people. Marketing… focus on those people with your “terrible” marketing skills. You should hire me, only 400$ a montht and a bed to sleep
    The deal is sealed

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    1. It’s a strange thing is marketing. It takes away the fun part of creativity, but I guess it needs to be done and done in a way that’s not in peoples faces – I think. If I could afford you Charley that gig would be yours. The killer is I need to pay myself a wage sooner or later. Thanks for a great comment ~ George


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