Do you ever get fed up with guru type people saying, “When you push yourself to the limits and believe in yourself anything is possible”? Perhaps I’m too polite when they get on my case. What I generally do is think of what I could/should have answered. Something like, “If anything is possible how come I can’t play the piano while wearing boxing gloves?”

I think I’d rather try to live the dream, than stay focused and chase a goal.


Pumping out the clever stuff
Doesn’t always do it for me
When I have to I can write the flashy lyrics
And spit them out for free

Say, ‘I am the solitary gardener
I spend my time sowing the seeds of songs
In the days before the first frost comes

I sense where the melody belongs

Harvesting this seasons words
Dressing up notes in best-fit chords
Picking out the warm tunes
For wintertime’s new records’

Yet when I get asked, ‘Why not be a suit?
Get a regular job like any other bro
That’s the best way to make your millions’
I answer, ‘I don’t know’

But in reality I do know
I just don’t understand big egos, flash cars and why some boast
Whether I get it right, or get it wrong
There’s no way they’ll be a requiem for my ghost

france4 (2)‘What Summer Left Behind’

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Copyright © 2017 music; 2019 art & words Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



13 thoughts on “REQUIEM FOR A GHOST

    1. Thanks. It sounds like you’re doing it right. For me, as a happy, glass half empty bloke, I get phased by overly enthusiastic people most of whom are trying to sell me ideas I don’t want. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. I feel the same on a much tinier scale. I am not influenced by other bloggers when it comes to my own expression, which can be interpreted a few ways, but I just think doing my own thing is the best choice for me.

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      2. I just read your earlier comment again. You made me think and thanks for that. I can appreciate where you are coming from. Thinking about it, I believe it important to explain that those these words of mine were referring to are those money grabbing morons of the music industry – in no way other bloggers on WP ~ George

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  1. Wow! I was NOT expecting this! Very cool, I’m still sitting here after the music ceases to play… when does this blockbuster of a movie start??? That’s where I suspect this will end up. Earning you enough for a dozen suits or more! (I’d buy the flash car!) 😊

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    1. Thanks. This is an odd one. Thinking about it its probably reads like a rant. I suppose it is. It’s just that I get so fed up with people who haven’t got a clue about my small business, get in my face and throw enthusiastic ideas at me, when I know that all they want from me is my money. A film would be good, but don’t ask me to act – I’d only want to write the music. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. Thanks. I think it’s a British thing. We’re reserved; it’s in our DNA! Americans get things done. We think of ways to get things done and then move on. I think you might be doing it right ~ George

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