george23‘Dark Days & New Ideas’


Tomorrows’ everlasting

Yesterday is dead

Today is just a fantasy

Of what’s spinning inside my head


I can’t second guess the answers

To your questions; I just don’t know

I major in uncertainty

Like sunshine on fresh fallen snow


I couldn’t take the upper hand

Couldn’t take charge of any game

I hunt alone, not in a crowd

You strike the match – you are the flame


So light your fire, fan the blaze

I never planned to have a plan

I never buy a ticket

After the sell-out games began


The sisterhood of women

The brotherhood of man

Means nothing to the egotists

Close your eyes; you’ll understand


You hear me when I’m not speaking

You follow where I don’t go

You’ve got the wrong idea

I’m just an act – I’m not the show

If you’ve not heard it before, you might like this song, ‘Rexie Believes in Magic’ from my ‘Dream Rescuer’ album. It’s the opposite to my new words above. I hope you enjoy;

Copyright © 2017 music -2019 words, Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.




21 thoughts on “DARK DAYS & NEW IDEAS

    1. Thanks you, ‘The English Professor’- if I ever wrote a proper book I’d ask you if you’d let that be the title – I really appreciate your comment ~ George


    1. Oddly, I did write a book a couple of years ago. ‘The Words & Thoughts of a Dyslexic Musician’. I never really got around to marketing it so never found out if it was good or bad. With me it’s always been music first, but if I get the chance to write another I now have the title. Thank you ~ George


  1. Listening to the last third of Rexie Believes In Magic, as I write. Pretty good!
    ‘YOU STRIKE THE MATCH – YOU ARE THE FLAME’ words are very neat.
    Your work is excellent.
    Honestly, I’d love to hear & feel a band of live musicians play your music.

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  2. Rexie does believe in magic! Loved hearing that song again. From your words, “I’m just an act, not the show” I almost fell off my chair! So true! Seems there is a lot of pressure lately to plan, act, entertain and BE the show. But I get the I’m an act NOT the show. Sorry George, I’m rambling. Tough, sleepless night… I’m good with Rexie. I really must believe in Magic right now… have a good day, George! 😊

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  3. Your last line’s a sharp one here, my friend. It says a lot how the narrator sees himself vs. how the other character sees the narrator. It reminds me of how people see the words “writer” and “author” and how one always seems, or feels anyway, a bit lesser than the other.

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    1. Thanks. I’ve got hopes for this one as a song, probably in the new year now, but it’s one I can adapt to music. I’ve no idea where the last line came from, but I like it. Thanks again ~ George

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