birm5 (2)(‘Gulp’ by Zoolon) 


You gave safe passage to your demons

When the darkness came to call

Waved ‘goodbye cruel world’ and whispered

“Why stumble when I can fall?

I’ll be the ghost who comes to haunt you

The one who’ll own your every waking hour

And when you’re trying to ‘rescue dreams’

Your sanity I’ll devour

That’s the price you pay for breaking

This heart you once held dear

From here and till the end of time

Memory of me will never disappear”


You gave safe passage to your demons

But I couldn’t move on and never say

The words I wrote for your epitaph read

‘Summer died on a Saturday’

Here’s my original ambient electronic song by the same name, ‘Summer Died on a Saturday’.  I hope you enjoy;

george12 (2)

‘Zoolon, his guitars 100 miles away, is having a think

somewhere in Birmingham just minutes before trying

to write a traditional type poem instead of a lyric

 – this weird poem’

birm8 (2)‘Saturday just gone – the day Summer died’

 Zoolon in Stratford Upon Avon being extra nice to his ancient old mum

trying to convince her he is the reincarnation of Shakespeare

and that if she had any heart at all she’d give him his inheritance right now

If you fancy owning the whole 5 album Zoolon discography (47 tracks in total) for just £16 (or equivalent in other currencies) here’s the download link BANDCAMP

Copyright © 2017 to 2019 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

37 thoughts on “‘SUMMERTIME MADNESS’

    1. Thanks. It’s all due to my Birmingham visit. It’s a city in the Midlands that I’d never been to before. At least I got words and pics there. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. No I don’t think it would be dyslexic friendly. In school many yong students struggle with it. I used to work as an actor and surprisingly enough Shakespeare is easy to learn and flows well onstage. I did As You Like it, Twelfth Night and the Scottish Play ( Macbeth) and also Taming of the Shrew which I hated being in.

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      2. So you were an actor. That’s good. Another art form. Respect. Being dyslexic I have to admit Shakespeare overwhelmed me. Back then in school I didn’t know I was dyslexic, I just thought I wasn’t that clever. It was only after costly hours with a boffin at uni I got told about it. Once I knew the rest came easy. Regards ~ George

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  1. I´m sure SHE is very proud. I did listen to the audiotape, the mix or whatever you guys call it….. I have no idea how you do it. Trying to learn a bit here and there, but not so easy as I thought.
    I just love the arts, a perfect example for me is 21 Pilots. The guy singing can sing you rap, mix with rastafari, mix with a voice that sounds like a girl, you can´t put these guys ( the drummer) in a box. That is what I like and I try to immitate in my crazy writing( obviously not good) but I did really liked you “mixed” Is what you call it?

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    1. Thanks, Charly. The mixing is all. I hate it but do it. Sometimes listening over and over again to the same song getting the sound levels just write I end up hating the song. At that stage I leave it alone a few days before deciding if it’s how I want it. I agree all arts whatever genre are important including writing crazy stuff. I wish I had that talent. Thanks again ~ George


      1. What you said it does translate to my writing, I´ll read it againg and again getting to my sound seems to be sort of nice.
        I learn a lot fro you guys working in tn the music buisnessl

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  2. Aw, sweet picture of you and your mum! I should get the kids started on another WI care package to send your fam’s way… 🙂

    But I got to ask about that first photo–what is that in the window? It reminds me of an urban legend I often passed traveling to graduate school: a man had hung a large doll in the attic window of his house, and always had a light shining on it. The legend was that he’d had a mentally challenged kid bullied so much by other kids in the town the kid hung himself. The man hung the doll in the window as a reminder to all in the town of their cruelty.

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    1. I think the creature in the window is Shakespeare related. I was in Stratford-on-Avon at the time. That’s where Shakespeare did whatever he did when he got creative. It has to be a joke re one of his plays. Macbeth? The funny thing was that as I aimed my phone at the window to take the pic about 30 Japanese students being escorted around the town saw me and the whole mass of them blocked the pavement to get a pic also. I inadvertently had blocked the pavement. Odd.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy. You’ve not seen her close up – I’m joking. She’s mad, never stops talking and most people love her. She doesn’t take prisoners though. Thanks again for reading ~ George


    1. Thanks, Inese. I think she immune to my moaning. Every time I try to expand the business I ask for my inheritance. Every time she denies me. She read it all right. She served me up a strong curry she knew I’d hate on the Sunday! Thanks again ~ George

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  3. Thanks my good friend.. .. I appreciate your relentless effort.. From the month of September I shall not post on word press any longer.. You can get in touch with me on facebook @wizzymedpower or Twitter @wizzymedpower1 thanks


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