le touc2 (2)‘After The Storm’ by Zoolon or, better put; ‘The wild and windy night, That the rain washed away, Has left a pool of tears, Crying for the day’ – Paul McCartney from the song ‘Long & Winding Road’

I’ve been reading Arthurian tales from various sources. I got hooked. Thought I’d write some words about them. ‘The Lady of The Lake’ legend for some reason fascinated me the most. For one thing she has so many variations to her forename mainly beginning with ‘N’ – none of which I can pronounce – but more than that is that she has a mystical rather than a magical feel, more so than the other characters.

I’ll play around with the words I wrote as I think when edited to fit a melody I might have a new song in the making. Anyway, first of all here’s my song ‘Pride & Time’ that pretty much fits the darkish mood of ‘The Lady of The Lakes’ words. The actual words follow on behind. I hope you enjoy;

lady of the lake (2)Artist unknown


Sincerity counts for nothing to The Lady of The Lake

She’s forgotten all her secrets; all her vows

She paints pictures, speaks in riddles I can’t work out

Smiles, claps her hands and takes the bows


They called you an ‘enchantress’ in the legend

You said you were good with that and the fancy gig you got

Now you live in dread of tidal waves and suffocating

I’m thinking you got sick and tired and lost the plot


What about that sword you gave big man?

The death wish King; the one who time forgot

Did you ever regret you got mixed up in the trials and tribulations

Of a castle in the air called Camelot?


Somewhere I read you ‘transcended notoriety’

And that you once knew the ‘misty path to Avalon’

I heard you want to vacate your crystal cave apartment

Go abroad and soak up the rays in Babylon?


Falling stars and magic moments lost for ever

Now that the unicorns and dragons are no more

They’re all buried in an unnamed grave in a concrete wonderland

You’ve no idea you hold the keys to the unlocked door


Are you still regretting drowning in love’s sorrow?

Don’t you miss the limelight, the romance and the fame?

Wishing you could turn back time doesn’t help none

For the record you should know I feel the same

If you’re interested you can find the rest of my music portfolio at BANDCAMP

Copyright © 2019 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



    1. Thanks for reading David. I work every which way. Sometimes verse first yet the final song rarely sticks to the verses. I think it’s a mood thing. Thanks again ~ Zoolon aka George

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    1. Thanks. I often wonder if the Arthurian legends are legends. In the Dark Ages so many things were passed around by just word of mouth but the fact England, Wales and France all claim Arthur as their own makes the legends seem credible. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. That’s true. There’s maybe no truth in the bulk of the tales yet I get the same feeling. At least Arthur hasn’t been picked up by the wrong end, fanatical religious lot as often happens. That would have taken all the magic away. Thanks ~ George

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      2. I’d never thought of the religious aspect as a hazard, but it certainly could’ve been. Now, there’s a tale to be told. Arthurians vs. Christians in a bid for religious dominance.

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      3. Neat. Arthur who pulls a sword out of a stone vs Jesus who walks on water or Buddha who could duplicate himself when he felt like it. I’m no good at satire but you’re right, there is a tale to be told ~ George

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  1. A wonderful post . The legends are really something. As Leslie there ses it’s certainly possible they are based in truth. Anyway, the post wasn’t just wonderful cos of Arthurs. Great words and love that track.

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    1. Thanks Shey. I agree. I’m thinking I just need to get rid of the words that don’t sing too well and I’ll have something surreal to sing – I hope! ~ George


      1. Funnily enough I’ve recently done some slide bass recently for another artist. I don’t use it much right now but will do again as the circle turns. Thanks ~ George


    1. Thanks Thomas. Have you tried hitting the ‘visit site’ link top right? That’s the one I use when I’m stuck on others postings. Best of luck ~ Zoolon aka George


  2. Arthurian legends, castles in the air and a dark lady of a dark lake. The words bring many things to mind; real people who have had trouble living with fame and or notoriery. It is never what it seems from afar. Thanks for stirring up my snoozy Saturday afternoon brain.

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    1. Thanks Anne. Sorry its taken so long to get back to you. I spent all of yesterday engrossed in the cricket World Cup that England won for the first ever time! Anyway, I glad Saturday was good for you ~ George

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  3. Firstly, you’re a lyricist for writing something like this. It’s poetry, not song writing. Next, the song reminded me of a cowboy riding into the sunset while he thinks of the legend. And that guitar solo at the end! Your voice has this Steven Wilson quality to it.

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    1. Thanks again. Ever since I got myself an American Telecaster a few months back I’ve somehow started playing smooth US style (‘ish, as I can’t claim to be an expert). I think it showed on this number. It’s like the guitar is sending me subliminal messages – good ones. Thanks again ~ George

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