france24 2019 (5)‘Class Graffiti’

Coming home from Canterbury the other day I saw a squished magpie in the road. Dead obviously. Magpies mate for life. The magpies partner was hanging around confused, flying this way and that, sometimes landing nearby, not convinced his or her partner was dead. I’m guessing the squished one was feeding on carrion because that’s what they do, when it got run over. It looks like the partner will have to feed this year’s clutch in their nest somewhere. Tragic.

Anyway, first some music, my song ‘Rainbows End’. As far as I’m concerned France is a place I’ll always be attracted to however this stupid Brexit pans out. To me it’s a rainbows end. The French do art and passion better than most. This world needs more of that.

Here’s some more pics of things that caught my eye the other week when I was over there. I hope you like.

france32 2019 (2)‘House in the Middle of Nowhere’

france13 2019 (3)‘Art for Art’s Sake’

DSC07781 (2)‘Don’t Look Down’

france28 2019 (3)‘An Exhibit in the Holocaust section of the History Centre of La Couple in Wizernes’ –Heart breaking.

Here’s the link to all my published music;

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  1. Welcome back! It’s sad when these monogamous creatures lose their life partner, Magpies are one of the most intelligent birds I hear. Great photos George, I couldn’t agree more about France. Your music is splendid as always!

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      1. It is true, I have it from a fine authority, magpies are very smart, cunning, and seem to be ahead of other breeds of birds intellectually. I saw one reading War and Peace…. 🙂

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  2. Yes, France is definitely for the art connoisseur, it’s a splendid city , it breathes this magic of all thing art.
    Those pics are great and so is the music , you have spoilt me for other music , Lord Zoolon.

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  3. Sadness in this song George, but your photos are uplifting. Saw my first magpie in Colorado. Beautiful. The sun on their bodies shows their iridescence and then flying, even prettier.

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    1. Thanks. Paris is great. You’ll love it more if you don’t totally follow the tourist track. The Chateau at Fontainebleau, south of the city is worth a visit. I think it’s better and cheaper – a lot cheaper – than Versailles. I hope you get there and enjoy ~ George

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  4. So sad about the magpie! But your photos of French France are lovely. I used to have a flatmate in London who talked about French France and you using the same phrase reminded me of it. I also love France and I’m sure you will still be allowed in even after the Brexit debacle . 😄

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    1. Thanks. I got ‘French France’ from my mother. You’re right France is something else. Brexit is such a stupid thing. Free movement within the EU is what the racists of the right over here seem to hate most about the EU. Sadly there are a lot of them. Thanks again ~ George

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  5. Fine photos! The magpie reminds me of the morning doves I see around our neighborhood. One hurt its wing, and couldn’t fly off when I was getting the kids ready for school. Its mate kept flying to and from their safety tree, and then at last hopped alongside its mate across the street until the dove could at last take cover.

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  6. Again, great post. And I really like your music. I like writing lyrics and coming up with tunes. But I don’t know how to play an instrument. So they all stay in my head. Haha. It’s awesome that you can bring your work to life. 👍 🌹

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    1. That must be a nuisance for you Ana. It may – or may not – help if you checked out my ‘Poems to Song’ product link on my website. No pressure I stress; just an idea. Anyhow keep the faith and the songs will keep coming. Have a great day ~ George


    1. Thanks, Inese. Right now there are baby seagulls on the roof. I spend the day worrying that they might slip off as they are not ready to fly yet. Thanks again ~ George

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