george‘Five Albums Later’

When Paul McCartney had his dream in which the melody for what was to be his classic song ‘Yesterday’ came to him he had no words to start with. None. When he woke up the next morning all he could do was to throw any old words that fitted the melody at it. Hence the first version he called ‘Scrambled Eggs’. It went like this; “Scrambled eggs/Oh my baby how I love your legs/Not as much as I love scrambled eggs…”. Not that I am or ever will be a genius like McCartney but I’ve just done the self-same thing – throwing words that matched the melody I’m playing around with at the keyboard. When I’d finished I thought one or two of the verses might make the cut. These are those random words.


(working title)

Epic nightmares deserve a soundtrack

Every outlaw needs a knife

The oceans pray for plastic islands

Every liar needs a wife


This old worlds a contradiction

When every loss is some fools gain

I’ve given up on people

Given up on that tired refrain


In the middle of nowhere

Wearing my heart upon my sleeve

I chase the echoes of the soft riffs

Writing words I’ll not believe


You’ve a magic wand you tell me

Makes all your wishes become true

I watch, I think, I listen

And write all my songs for you


You went looking for the stranger

Swapped your demons for a rose

Followed your lord and master to some altar

Gave that saint a bloody nose


No love song can be sacred

When words don’t mean a thing they say

No open door to paradise

That’s just the price we have to pay


Today, an eerie piece I composed called ‘Dead Rain’. I think it fits the mood of my words. I hope you enjoy;

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32 thoughts on “IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE

    1. Thanks. The photo was taken when I wasn’t looking yesterday. I don’t like a lot of photo’s but thought as I was laughing about something I may as well keep it. I’m glad you liked the music. It’s close to sound art in many ways. Thanks again ~ George


    1. Thanks. I think ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ reflects the place I just stayed in in France. You could walk miles without seeing people. My kind of space. Mainly cats, cows and swallows. Thanks again ~ George

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    1. Good point. If can think of a million ‘sad’ ballads but not ‘horrific’. Aren’t some of the Country & Western ballads a bit horrific? A lot seem to have tragic deaths and things like that. Maybe we have a new genre? ~ George

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  1. I love the lyrics. This line jumped out for me: “No love song can be sacred
    When words don’t mean a thing they say.” The music reminds me of Vangelis, on his Blade Runner soundtrack. Very atmospheric. Not sure you want to “ruin” it by adding lyrics.


    1. Thanks again. Funnily enough I’ve been coming around to the same conclusion. It still feels like two separate verses i.e. the first part is global the second almost personal but together they feel at home. Watch this space and once more, thanks ~ George


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