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I was about to enjoy my ham, cheese & salad baguette when she turned up in the form of a sweet little ginger cat who’d taken time out to cross a massive field in the middle of nowhere just to say ‘hello’ – well that’s what I thought until she spotted my ham, cheese & salad baguette.

What happened was that I fed her a piece of my ham which she ate like it was her first meal in a long, long time. So I gave her a bit more plus some cheese which she scoffed in just a couple of bites. Talking to me through sad eyes she made it clear that more food would be good – then some more, and a bit more still until I was left with a baguette of only salad. I didn’t mind that much, especially as for the next half hour she’d fallen asleep on my lap, purring away while I was hoping she didn’t have fleas.

france30 2019 (2)Cleopatra’s Field

Once she’d woken up she gave me a friendly look and left, crossing back over the massive field to wherever she’d come from. After that she turned up at 5pm on the dot every evening to share a bite to eat with me. By then she was playful and answering to the name ‘Cleopatra’.

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Come my last night in the middle of nowhere I played her my song ‘Goodnight Cleopatra’. I think she liked it as she was purring a lot. If the truth be told I’d like to have taken her back home with me. Here’s the piece I played for her. I hope you enjoy;

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56 thoughts on “CLEOPATRA & THE BAGUETTE

    1. Thanks Cathy. I’m thinking she is a girl simply because the farmer spoke a bit of English and told me her actual name except there was no chance of me spelling it. It did begin with a ‘C’ so I just called her Cleopatra. A truly adorable cat for sure ~ George


    1. Thanks. Bandcamp does seem to becoming more popular in the last two years or so. It’s certainly the place for indie artist, plus when I get a sale they don’t rob me of most of it taking their %’age. Thanks for listening ~ George

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    1. Thanks. A seriously nice little moggy. She doesn’t like ravioli though. Not even when I ditch the pasta and tried to feed her the meat sauce inside. Odd really as a dog would have scoffed the lot. Thanks again ~ George


      1. To date I’ve always loved dogs over cats although of now I’ve got them scoring equal. I was brought up on dogs. I can’t have one right now because of circumstance. When Skipper the Border Collie died – he’d been my dog growing up – during my second year at uni I locked myself in a bathroom and in 20 minutes I had my song ‘Pain’. Not many realize it’s a song about a dog. Not my best production but certainly the best lyric I ever wrote.
        No worries if you don’t have time to listen ~ George


  1. I love this so very much. You should take her with you. She’s your cat now. That’s how they come into our lives. They find us. They always do. You’re a beautiful person with beautiful music in your being and now a beautiful cat has felt safe enough to sleep on your lap. I think you’re fabulous. ❤

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    1. That’s very kind. I’d have loved to have Cleo but I don’t think the UK Customs in Calais would have let her into the UK – sadly. Thanks again ~ George


    1. Thanks. I may get back there one day although it was a place too far away from anywhere. That’s a good thing in some ways but a nuisance when you have to drive miles just to buy bread. Thanks again ~ George


  2. Oh, lovely cats…so many came by our house in our little farming village to say hello, but Dad was terribly allergic, we could never connect with cats. Now my daughter desperately wants one, while Biff wants a guinea pig. I have to admit, I’m starting to wear down on the guinea pig idea…

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    1. Get a cat not a guinea pig. Guinea pigs don’t live that long – like hamsters. A cat lives for ages, plus cats and dogs do stuff. Kids like that. Go for the cat – best of luck ~ George

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    1. Thank you. Sometimes the world smiles and lets animals and people become friends. A shame people and people can’t seem to do the same thing. Thanks again ~ George


  3. I think she adopted you. She will miss you for sure. Have you read James Bowen’s book “A Street Cat Named Bob”? It is a great story that is a lot more than just a cute cat tale. Do give it a read if you have not already done so. After meeting Cleopatra you will find a connection to the story I think.

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    1. Thanks. I haven’t read that book but I will. As a dyslexic I hadn’t read that many/any books but in the last two months I worked out a way of reading properly and I am now addicted. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. Street Cat Bob has had such success i am sure it would be on an audio book if you like those. But bravo to you for finding a way around the dyslexia. My son has a sort of dyslexia when it comes to handwriting. He has been saved by being able to work on computers and managed to get an MSC after getting a dispensation to do his exams on computer.

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      2. Thanks Anne. It’s good your son got sorted. I was in the same boat taking exams but somehow got a 1st at uni – probably because I studied music. I was on home territory! Thanks again ~ George

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  4. That is one gorgeous cat! I’m glad she has a home, but I think she’d love to live with you.
    Animals really know how to get into your heart.
    Just listening to Goodnight Cleopatra. I hear why she was purring.

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