the nothing‘Dreaming Colours the Daylight Steals’

Last week: The bloke at the top of the steps up to the library told me that the world would end tomorrow. He pointed out that love and hate will have nowhere to hide anymore and that there will never be another new day.

I told him that I never knew that. There was nothing on the news about it. It was only when I asked him how he got to know all about the end of the world happening tomorrow he just tapped the side of his nose with his forefinger and said, ‘inside info’.

The shirt he was wearing was The Arsenal 2010 away kit. The yellow one with the regular ‘Fly Emirates’ printed on it. XXXL by the look of it. It was only when I said, ‘You support The Arsenal?’ he replied saying, ‘How do you know that?’ I never answered. Stating the obvious is something I try not to do, even though I wanted to say, ‘inside info’.

As I finally walked past him toward the library, he called me back. He told me he was sorry and that, “I should have said, ‘my’ world is ending tomorrow, not ‘the’ world. A slip of the tongue.”

A little later, after I’d got a book out of the library on Greek mythology, I got stopped by a woman standing at the top of the steps in exactly the same place the bloke was stood earlier. The bloke himself was nowhere to be seen. She stopped me and asked if I’d seen a big bloke wearing an Arsenal shirt hanging around, “Only I wanted to let him know that a warning is not a promise and that I didn’t mean it when I told him he’d be better off dead.” After that she said, “Don’t I know you?” then asked if I was the bloke who wrote the song ‘Rexie Believes in Magic’  “The one they play a lot in the café up the road. It’s my favourite.”             

I said that that was my song and thanked her for liking it. She said, “Only his name is Rexie; well that’s what I call him. His real name is Rex. If I find him I want to say sorry and that he might feel better about me wishing him dead if he had a listen to the song. Is that OK with you? I just love, love songs.”

“No worries, of course you can. If you’re going to believe in anything it might as well be ‘Magic’. I hope you find him before tomorrow.”

“So do I.”

This week: I checked the ‘Births, Deaths & Marriages’ section of the local newspaper and there was no mention of a big bloke called Rexie – or Rex – reported dead.

The ‘Rexie’ song is from my first album, released in May 2017 called ‘Dream Rescuer’. ‘Rexie’ and the number, ‘Sunlight & The Dust’ are both featured on this album. They were my first curated songs. If you’re interested in this album (or any of my others) the link is below;


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23 thoughts on “A WARNING IS NOT A PROMISE

    1. Thanks. I have to admit I built the story up a bit but basically the thread is true. It is a weird world sometimes. Thanks again ~ George


  1. Well…… this is very interesting to me. I often have odd people strike up conversations but they are not as curious as the ones you have told us here. Yours are a little blip on the time -space continuum that is intriguing. I like the music too.

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  2. I truly enjoyed this story. I was reading as fast as I could even though I just knew Rexie would be ok. But, I am so glad you checked the paper. Thank you for saying so. Also, the words in your song about Rexie create such a story of despair,love,and hope 🙂 Jen

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