spitfire‘Never Forgotten’

Mucking around with semi-protest song words on the guitar I suddenly realized I was playing to my ‘Rainbows End’ melody. Basically, I’d plagiarized myself. I’ve never done that before. Back to the drawing board.


At my door they try selling me their religion

Online they want my money to sell me fame

On the street, the Far Right are dishing out their flyers

I just smile; tell them I don’t play their racist game


England, oh England take a good look in the mirror

You’ll see you’re not a thieving Empire anymore

England, oh England you can’t turn the clock back

And rescue the glory of what never was before


Black or white we’re all of just the one race

Give us all an honest chance and lend a hand

Better that than bigotry and discrimination

You’ve lost the plot forever, my England


Here’s the YouTube version – all the songs – off the new album, ‘Devil’s Kiss’. Hope you enjoy;

If you’re interested in buying any or even the whole discography of my work (at a 50% discount) the links are below;

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28 thoughts on “NEVER FORGOTTEN

  1. It’s happening everywhere, Lord Zoolon. If you could write about it, means you have your heart in the right place. There is beautiful eloquence in your verse , it speaks a universal plea , sending an urgent message to all , if they care to heed.
    Bravo, George!

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  2. Thanks for sharing, love these three lines : Black or white we’re all of just the one race
    Give us all an honest chance and lend a hand
    Better that than bigotry and discrimination.

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    1. Thanks for that. I can’t understand how in world where we should be doing the right stuff so many people turn on others of different colour/heritage. It is such an ugly way to be when the should be getting anger out of their system fighting tyrants etc.. What we are is no business of anyone else. Thanks again ~ Zoolon aka George

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  3. Agree, we are all human. Animals Can treat other species like family yet humans can’t seem to treat our own species with respect, compassion and empathy.


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